Thursday, July 2, 2020

For women with strong fertility, these 3 parts will be very prominent

1. Lips

Lips are one of the organs of human face. It has functions of protecting mouth and eating. A beautiful lip can reflect a woman's sexy, noble and mature, and to a certain extent can also reflect a woman's fertility. If your lips are shiny and full of color, it means that such a woman is full of blood.

Conversely, if your lips look dry, pale, and without blood, it is most likely caused by insufficient blood and blood in the body, or anemia, or the body may lack some trace elements, which causes your lips to appear like this The change. These conditions will reduce your physical function and have some impact on pregnancy.

Second, the uterus

The uterus is the organ that gives birth to the fetus, but we can’t see it, how can we judge it? Don't forget, it is also the organ that produces menses. Menstruation is a barometer of a woman’s body and can reflect whether a woman is in good health. When a woman's menstruation is irregular, and appears to be early or delayed, it is likely that your uterus is relatively cold or the endocrine disorders are in the body.

We also know that the appearance of the fetus is due to the combination of sperm and egg to create a life. If your menstrual cycle is regular, your ovulation will be normal, and the chance of pregnancy will naturally be greater. Fetal babies like a healthy and warm uterus environment, so usually protect the uterus, welcome the arrival of fetal babies at any time.

Three, buttocks

We often hear the old man say, "You see this girl's buttocks are relatively large, and it is easy to have a big fat boy in the future." But we all know that some of the old man's experience cannot be fully believed. However, if a woman's buttocks are wider, the pelvis is larger, and the birth will be smoother during childbirth. However, if the pelvis is relatively narrow, it will increase the possibility of dystocia during the birth of a child, so women with wider hips will naturally not have too bad fertility.

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