Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Fetal heart bud does not appear slowly, it is likely that the gestational sac is not well developed

More and more pregnant mothers, about 2 months of pregnancy to do B timeout, was informed by the doctor that there is no fetal heart bud. This is the case with my cousin. The cousin got pregnant for a long time before getting married. After the news, the family was very excited. When I first did B-ultrasound, the doctor said that because I was pregnant, I could not see the fetal heart and buds in a short time, but later I went to check when I was 2 months pregnant, and there was no fetal heart and buds. This can worry my cousin's family. .

Why is this so? If the fetal heart bud does not appear slowly, it is likely that the gestational sac is not well developed. When the pregnant mother is informed by the doctor that the fetus has no fetal heart buds, the pregnant mother can hold on, although the absence of the fetal heart buds will make the pregnant mother very anxious , Because the fetus may not develop well, and there is even a risk of fetal stoppage. However, there are many cases in which the fetal heart bud does not appear slowly, but the fetus is no problem. The reason why this is so is because the gestational sac is not well developed.

Experienced pregnant mothers know that when they are pregnant, it is about 30 to 40 days. At this time, the gestational sac develops, and then the fetal heart will slowly form. Fetal buds can be detected from the B-ultrasound. However, many pregnant mothers are told that there are no fetal heart buds during the birth test, except for some more dangerous situations, such as corpus luteum insufficiency, which leads to fetal development restriction, or the fetus has been accidentally caused by some diseases of the pregnant mother, most of the cases In the past, the original normal pregnancy, but the lack of fetal heart and buds, was mostly caused by the development of the gestational sac due to some bad habits of the pregnant mother.

After pregnancy, for pregnant mothers, especially early pregnancy, you must avoid these aspects, so that fetal development will not be restricted, and fetal heart buds will appear in time.

Pregnant mother is overly emotional and too sentimental

The emotions of the pregnant mother in the first trimester can be said to be critical to the development of the fetus. At this time, the actions of the pregnant mother will seriously affect the baby in the belly. If the pregnant mother is always sentimental, worried about all kinds of things, all kinds of worries, but it will cause the hormone secretion in her body, the hormone secretion in the pregnant mother will be unbalanced, and the development of the gestational sac will be severely limited. With good development, the development of the fetal heart and bud is even more problematic.

For pregnant mothers, because of the pregnancy reaction in the first trimester, there may be some emotional fluctuations than usual. At this time, pregnant mothers must learn to adjust their emotions correctly, but they can’t always think about something, too much sentimentality will The baby in the belly is seriously injured. After pregnancy, the pregnant mother should not take too much into account, just for the sake of the baby in the belly, and want to prescribe everything.

Intense morning sickness reaction, plus improper diet

Some pregnant mothers have a particularly severe pregnancy reaction after pregnancy, that is to say, the morning sickness reaction is very intense. At this time, if the pregnant mother is uncomfortable because of the body, the diet will be unattractive. Maybe the pregnant mother thinks about whatever she eats anyway. If you can vomit, you will not eat. But I don’t know. If you don’t pay attention to your diet and have insufficient nutrition, the gestational sac will not be able to absorb enough nutrients to develop. If the gestational sac is immature, it will also have a great impact on the development of the fetal heart and buds.

Some pregnant mothers have poor gestational sac development because of improper work schedule and unreasonable rest. This is also unfavorable for the development of the gestational sac. This point should also be avoided by pregnant mothers. After pregnancy, we must develop a correct and reasonable habits of rest and rest, so as not to delay the development of the gestational sac, and therefore the growth of the fetal heart and buds.

After pregnancy, if you want the fetal heart and buds to appear earlier, the pregnant mother can hold it up. Try to avoid these situations as mentioned above.

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