Friday, July 10, 2020

Female sex skills to help women achieve orgasm

The development of men and women to a certain stage is inseparable from the topic of "sex". If the sex life is not harmonious, it may affect feelings. In a relationship, women are often in a passive position. To improve the quality of "sexual blessing", men will arouse women's emotions and reach a woman's orgasm.

If you want to increase the chance of getting a female orgasm, you can actually exercise. Experts believe that shyness or restraint is the main reason hindering the achievement of a woman's orgasm. Women must open themselves up and put aside the old ideas of the past in order to have the pleasure of enjoying orgasm. The following editors share the female sex skills for you to help you improve the quality of "sexual happiness".

1. Female sex skills

1. Relax yourself

First of all, you must understand your body, calm yourself first, and don’t make up your mind to achieve female orgasm. Just relax and spend some time observing your body carefully.

2. Strengthen the communication of mutual sexual feelings

In order to enhance sexual feelings, sufficient stimulation must be given in the sexually sensitive area to be effective. Every man and woman has different sexually sensitive areas. Don't stop expressing your own sexual feelings because of shyness and other factors. You can tell your partner through words or gestures to let the partner know where you like or touch the sensitive parts.

3. Tenderness touch

Slowly start touching the inside of the thigh and gently finger your private parts. You can apply saliva or lubricant on your fingers and gently slide between the two yc. Find the location of yd, and then slowly rub around yd.

4. Explore the body

Start to explore your body slowly, don't put your hands directly between your legs, but touch your arms, shoulders and chest. Attention is focused on the different feelings when you touch every inch of the body, so that your thoughts follow your fingers and slide up and down the undulating curve.

5. Passionate kiss

What is the best way to promote lust in sex? kiss. Nowadays, people are chasing high-quality sex, and kissing can make her desperate. It is a foreplay. It is conveyed through kisses and makes women feel the passion of men. Even if there is no intercourse, you can live and body from each other's kisses. The lips and breasts of women are the strongholds of men's siege of the city. The men are quick and accurate and will make women happy.

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