Thursday, July 2, 2020

Feeling stomach pain in early pregnancy? Don't think it's a normal reaction

If you always feel stomach pain in the first trimester, don't think it is a normal reaction, it may be that the baby is "seeking help".

Stomach pain for no reason

When I was pregnant before, I always felt a stomachache. I started thinking about the normal reaction after pregnancy, but because I was afraid of being the first child, I went to the hospital for a check. At that time, the pregnancy was just three months old. The doctor said that the fetus developed well, even though the placenta was a little low, but it was not serious. But she looked at me with a bad look and looked very tired, so she asked me to strengthen nutrition and rest more. In fact, when I was going to open the store by myself, I was so tired that I had a backache every day. In addition, my morning sickness reaction is a bit too big, and I can't eat any food, and my nutrition will definitely not keep up. The doctor said: "This is the baby calling for help. You should pay attention to avoiding the baby's condition in time."

After hearing the doctor's words, I closed the shop and lay down for a month at home, forcing myself to strengthen the nutrition of meals. Later, the placenta grew up a little, and the symptoms of stomach pain gradually eased. Therefore, the pregnant mother has a stomachache for no reason, and can't carelessly. It is very important to pay attention to the check in the early pregnancy.

Progesterone low stomach pain

Some time ago, a friend of mine who had been pregnant for more than two months said: "When I was pregnant, my chest swelled badly, but I haven't felt anything recently, and my abdomen is still a little bit painful. This kind of pain is a little heavier than when I have menstruation, but I can bear it. I don’t know if there are any problems.” After listening to her, I suggested that she shouldn’t think about it at home alone. It’s better to go to the hospital for a check. Later, she went to the hospital for a check. The doctor said that the progesterone value was too low, which was a sign of threatened miscarriage. This scared her choking enough, but fortunately the inspection was timely, and now the baby-birth is going well. Therefore, when the pregnant mother feels that the reaction during pregnancy is not so great, and her stomach is also painful, it may be that the progesterone is low and there is a symptom of threatened abortion.

"External force" causes stomach pain

There are also pregnant mothers who are not taken seriously at the beginning of pregnancy and are still as carefree as they were before pregnancy, even walking and trotting. This is actually very dangerous, especially in the first three months of pregnancy, the fetus is still unstable, must not be careless. There is a pregnant mother beside me who is very diligent. After pregnancy, she often sweeps the floor, wipes the table, and even tiptoes to dry her clothes. Once, she accidentally flashed her waist while doing housework, and then her stomach was a little uncomfortable. She said it was the kind of faint pain, but did not care too much. It turned out to be red at night, and she was in danger from fetal treatment in the hospital for half a month. Therefore, if the pregnant mother's stomach pain is caused by "external force", it may be that the fetus is injured, and you must not be careless.

Therefore, pregnant mothers always feel stomach pains in the first trimester. Don’t just think it’s a normal phenomenon. It may be that the baby is “seeking help” from you.

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