Saturday, July 4, 2020

Fear, are you the kind of pregnant mother who will be particularly painful during childbirth?

1. Pelvic stenosis or pelvic deformity

The female pelvis is flat and round, and the bone birth canal is not a straight line, but is in a tortuous state. The baby should pass through the pelvis smoothly. If the mother's pelvis is deformed or small, the baby will not be able to fall smoothly and may have a difficult birth. Therefore, due to safety reasons, you should actively cooperate with the doctor during pregnancy examination and choose Shunsheng or cesarean section according to your own situation.

2. Insufficient productivity

Fertility refers to the force that pushes children and placenta and other debris out of the body. If the pregnant mother is weak, it is easy to have insufficient productivity during childbirth, and this will undoubtedly bring the pregnant mother and the baby into the baby In a dangerous situation. On TV, you may see maternal yelling during childbirth. In fact, this method is very unscientific. Continuous yelling will not only disrupt your breathing rhythm, but also waste a lot of effort. Instead, it worsens the pain caused by insufficient productivity. In order to avoid this situation, pregnant mothers should combine their doctor's orders to choose their own delivery method, obey the doctor's instructions, and avoid shouting. In addition, you can bring some food that can quickly replenish energy into the delivery room, so that you can replenish energy at any time.

3. Emotions are too tense

Many novice mothers are affected by the outside world and always think that giving birth is a terrible thing. As the baby gets closer and closer to him, his heart is extremely nervous. During childbirth, this emotion is more serious, and the endocrine changes caused by mental factors, heartbeat acceleration, body shaking, dizziness, etc., are not conducive to the smooth progress of the labor process. Under the influence of these psychological factors, people's pain will increase. The pain is heavy, which makes him more afraid, affects the birth process, and makes me more anxious and more painful. Why not jump out of such a vicious circle? Before entering the delivery room, pregnant mothers should relax their minds, do not bear excessive ideological burdens, try to restrain their emotions, obey the doctor's arrangements, try to make the labor process end smoothly, and save themselves from guilt.

Four, huge children

In general, the normal weight of the fetus is 5-8 kg, the most ideal is about 6 kg. If the birth weight exceeds 8 pounds, it is a huge child, and such a baby may make the delivery process difficult. Of course, if the productivity is good and the pelvis is relatively wide, such a baby can be delivered naturally despite the risks. The way to avoid the appearance of huge children is to control your mouth during pregnancy, step your legs, try to control your weight, and choose a suitable delivery method can also effectively reduce pain.

5. Lack of exercise

A pregnant mother who usually insists on doing some exercise in an appropriate amount can have a strong contractility. This is very important for mothers who choose to give birth. Insufficient contractility can not expel the fetus, leading to prolonged labor and pain. On the other hand, the right amount of exercise can enhance the physical fitness of the pregnant mother and speed up the opening of the bone seam, which can reduce the time of pain. This shows that the right amount of exercise can not only reduce the chance of obesity after pregnancy, but also have great benefits for the delivery process. Why are pregnant mothers not happy?

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