Thursday, July 2, 2020

Falling during pregnancy, expectant mother remembers "one principle and two positions"

As the fetus grows and develops, the belly of the pregnant woman also becomes larger and larger, which makes the pregnant woman's center of gravity unstable and easy to fall. It is well known that the biggest taboo for pregnant women when they fall is that if the victim falls, he or she will be aborted. Therefore, in life, pregnant women must do everything on the premise of safety. Before doing anything, consider whether there may be danger, and then be careful when doing things. Falling during pregnancy, mastering "one criterion and two positions" can protect the fetus and yourself.

One principle:

Refers to the need to protect the safety of children. When a pregnant woman falls, she will protect her belly subconsciously, even if she is injured all over her body, she must protect her children. This is the greatness of maternal love.

Two poses:

1, lean forward, kneel on your knees, palm support

2. Body leans to one side

According to the analysis of professionals, when a person falls, the larger the ground area is, the smaller the damage received. If unfortunately fell, the body can be quickly shrunk into a spherical shape. At the moment of falling, if there is an item on your hand, you should quickly put the item on both sides of the stomach to reduce the injury. Also, when the pregnant woman falls, try not to face the stomach as much as possible. Stay in the stomach, reduce the impact as much as possible, and quickly go to the hospital to check the body after standing up.

During the growth of the fetus, the body shape and physical condition of the pregnant woman will also change greatly, which brings a lot of physical discomfort and behavioral inconvenience to the pregnant woman. If sleeping, standing, sitting and walking extremely incorrect posture , It is easy to make the body tired, and it may also affect the health of the fetus.

So what should the posture of a pregnant woman look like?

1. Sleep

In the early period of 1 to 3 months, supine and lateral positions can be used. If you have the habit of sleeping with arms around, you should change it as soon as possible.

In the mid-term, 4-7 months, you should adopt a lateral sleeping position, which can make pregnant women more comfortable.

In the later period, 8 to 10 months, the sleeping position on the left side should be adopted. This position has an important effect on the safety of itself and the fetus. This method can improve blood circulation and increase the blood supply to the fetus.

2. Station

Tips: Lift your head and chest, press your shoulders back, tighten your hips, straighten your knees, remember to stand for a long time to avoid low back pain.

3. Sitting posture

The chair for pregnant women should not be too high or too short, 40 cm is suitable. When sitting down, you should first support the thighs or armrests with your hands, and then sit down slowly. When sitting, first lean slightly forward, then use both hands The support waist moves toward the back of the chair. After sitting comfortably, your feet are spread out in parallel.

4. Walking

Pregnant women have an unstable center of gravity, and bulging abdomen affects their sight. Therefore, when walking, be sure to straighten your head, raise your head, tighten your hips, keep your heels on the ground, step by step, keep your whole body balanced, and remember to move quickly and urgently. To find a place where you can sit and rest for a while, and also when pregnant women are going up the stairs, they must see the steps clearly, every step is stable, it is best to help the railing to avoid accidents.

Finally, give the pregnant woman a small suggestion. It is best not to wear slippers to reduce the probability of a wrestling accident. You should not do lifting exercises and lifting heavy objects. You should pay attention to your diet. Don’t eat food that causes miscarriage. Pay attention to it. After all, going to bed early and getting up early is good for your health! I wish all expectant mothers a smooth and healthy baby.

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