Saturday, July 4, 2020

Easily hungry in the middle of pregnancy? Eat these kinds of food, nutrition and protect the tire!

I don’t know if the pregnant mother has eaten dinner at night, and went hungry until midnight. I want to endure not eating but make myself uncomfortable. This is what a pregnant mother feels hungry at night. This is what hunger stimulates stomach acid. Secretion makes you want to eat. In fact, pregnant mothers can eat when they are hungry at night. After all, there is another one in their belly.

Xiaobian tells pregnant mothers what should I pay attention to when adding meals at night?

1. Eat foods that are good for digestion

The gastrointestinal tract of pregnant mothers during pregnancy is not very good, eat food to eat something easy to digest, after all, pregnant mothers will lie in bed after eating. Foods that are not conducive to digestion easily hurt the gastrointestinal tract.

2. Pregnant mothers can eat these foods

Milk: can help pregnant mothers sleep, a cup a day can be;

Biscuits: Biscuits eat whole wheat, containing dietary fiber, can relieve hunger;

Noodles: You can eat tomato and egg noodles, appetizing, just a little trouble;

Oatmeal: milk and oatmeal are not easy to gain weight;

Steamed eggs: good absorption of the gastrointestinal tract;

3. Pregnant mothers need to pay attention to eating at night

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to chewing a few times when they eat, so that they can feel full, and can reduce the intake of things, so that pregnant mothers can not worry about eating fat, pregnant mothers can also choose Porridge, noodles and other digestible foods can also eat foods containing dietary fiber, such as bamboo shoots, fungi and other foods.

For pregnant mothers who add meals at night, I want to say that you can eat as much as you want, as long as you have good digestive food, you don’t want to get up at night to eat, you can buy some snacks like biscuits and put them on the bedside, you can eat them when you are hungry After all, it is troublesome to get out of bed at night.

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