Saturday, July 4, 2020

During the pregnancy of the pregnant mother, her husband did these three things well before he was qualified

Under normal circumstances, after the wife is pregnant, the prospective father must at least do these few things, then it can be counted as a qualified husband, come and see if your husband is qualified!

1. Let pregnant mothers have a good mood

After pregnancy, whether due to the sudden change of identity or the influence of progesterone, the temper of the pregnant mothers will become very unstable, it is easy to lose temper, and it is easy to be anxious or even depressed. At this time, the prospective dads should not complain about the pregnant mother, and then make the pregnant mother angry, she should understand her wife.

First of all, prospective dads should pay more attention to the pregnant mother's body and mood, timely understand the pregnant mother's emotions, and give enlightenment. Then, prospective dads must learn more about maternity when they are usually okay to help pregnant mothers reduce anxiety and helplessness. At the same time, they can also better understand the hardships of pregnant mothers.

2. Let pregnant mothers have a good appetite

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will have morning sickness. If some pregnant mothers have severe morning sickness, they may not be able to eat anything. Also, there will be great changes in taste, and if you eat, you will only eat a few. Therefore, in the long run, the nutrition of pregnant mothers will definitely not be able to get enough intake, which will affect both themselves and the fetus.

At this time, the prospective dads can ignore the pregnant mother, or blame the pregnant mother, why not eat. It is better to take advantage of this time to go to the kitchen in person, improve your craftsmanship, make some beautiful and delicious meals for pregnant mothers, increase their appetite, and let pregnant mothers eat well.

3. Let the pregnant mother have a good rest

As the pregnancy cycle increases, pregnant mothers will feel more and more discomfort. In the second trimester of pregnancy, it is very difficult to get a good night's sleep. When sleeping at night, not only will there be calf cramps, but also frequent urination. More importantly, the belly is big and it is very inconvenient to turn over.

So, at this time, the prospective father must understand the difficulties of the pregnant mother. It is better to give the pregnant mother a good foot wash every night, let the pregnant mother soak her feet well, and give the pregnant mother a massage to relieve the pregnant mother’s body. Tired, so that pregnant mothers have a good rest.

This kind of pregnancy is not just a matter for pregnant mothers, but also the prospective father should worry about it. After all, one is his own child, and the other is his dear wife. If you can give the pregnant mother intimate love and help during pregnancy, this will definitely make the caring of the couple more harmonious. Ladies and mothers, did you all do this when you were pregnant?

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