Saturday, July 4, 2020

During pregnancy, the fetus likes to listen to these three kinds of voices.

Many people feel that the fetus is in a state of deep sleep when it is in the mother's belly. However, in October, the baby will not always sleep in the mother's belly~ the baby will be able to perceive the external world through hearing, and with the continuous improvement of his own hearing system, the baby's perception of the outside world will become The stronger.

So, what can the fetal baby hear at different stages?

1. 15 weeks pregnant

At this time, the baby's hearing began to form gradually, and some external sounds could be felt. Although the baby is relatively small at this time, the range of perception is limited, but it can already hear the deep and loud noises from the mother's heartbeat, placenta activity, blood pumping, etc. In other words, the fetus at this time will have a greater perception of the sound from the mother.

2. 24 weeks pregnant

At this time, the fetal baby's hearing development is very close to that of the adult, and the tone and loudness within a certain range can basically be heard by the fetal baby. Therefore, you can give some fetal education to fetal babies.

3. After 32 weeks of pregnancy

Especially the 8-month-old baby, not only can distinguish the mother's voice, but also the sound of music that is often played. The most important thing is that at this time, the fetal baby can distinguish the type of sound, and can hear the level of the tone, the strength, and the strength. It can distinguish whether it is the thick voice of the father or the gentle voice of the mummy. Responded similarly to the music.

Therefore, at this time, there is a good opportunity to establish a parent-child relationship between the parents and the baby and give birth to the baby.

Therefore, this stage is so important, what kind of sounds should we let the fetal babies listen to, will it be more conducive to the development of the fetal baby, and make the baby smarter?

1. The voice of the prospective father

There are many male voices that belong to the low, deep and thick type, and this kind of voice is more suitable for the fetal hearing function. Although I don’t want to admit it, the fetus always responds positively to the father’s voice. The most important thing is that often hearing the father’s voice will make the baby feel safe, and you can get familiar with the father’s voice as soon as possible.

2. Soft and gentle music

Because many mothers want to cultivate their baby's artistic talent, they will give some classical music to their children. However, sometimes such music is not liked by pregnant mothers, pregnant mothers will gradually become impatient, and at this time the baby will become more irritable. Therefore, when pregnant mothers choose prenatal education music, they don't have to find all the world-famous songs to cultivate their baby's sentiment. You can choose some soft and soothing music that pregnant mothers also like to do baby prenatal education music. Because only when pregnant mothers hear their favorite music and feel more happy, they will secrete some substances that are beneficial to health. These substances have the effect of regulating blood flow and exciting nerve cells, which can improve the blood supply to the placenta and increase the number of beneficial components in the blood, which is very beneficial for promoting fetal development and growth.

3. Mother's singing

The best prenatal education music is the singing of pregnant mothers. This is because the singing voice of the pregnant mother can enable the fetus to achieve dual perception and emotional satisfaction, which is an effect that cannot be achieved by other music. Because the sound of singing causes the vocal cords to vibrate, and the vibration of the vocal cords will expand the lungs, excite the pectoral muscles, increase the vital capacity, and increase the oxygen content in the blood, thus laying a good nutritional foundation for the fetus and also beneficial to intellectual development.

Therefore, in order to make the child more intelligent, pregnant mothers should not be stingy to listen to these 3 sounds during pregnancy~

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