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During pregnancy, avoid the fetal umbilical cord around the neck, pregnant mothers must do these 2 small actions less

The editor will tell you, what is the reason for the umbilical cord around the neck? In which case does the umbilical cord wrap around the neck?

What is the umbilical cord around the neck?

Umbilical cord around the neck: it is because the umbilical cord is too long, too much amniotic fluid, and frequent fetal movements have a certain relationship. Generally, the umbilical cord is around the neck for one week or two or three weeks. This is normal. It may be around the fetus after a while. Come here, after all, the fetus has the umbilical cord toy in its stomach, so it will be played when it is okay.

What harm will happen if the umbilical cord turns around more times?

If the fetal umbilical cord has more weeks around the neck, it will affect the fetus's blood supply, hypoxia, abnormal fetal heart and other symptoms. If you find irregular fetal movement, you should seek medical treatment and do not wait at home.

So what caused the umbilical cord to wrap around the neck?

1. Polyhydramnios

Some pregnant mothers begin to change their tastes after pregnancy. Some mothers like to eat sweets. Sometimes they feel that they are in a bad mood. They will eat sweets to ease their mood and make their mood better, but pregnant Mothers should know that if they eat more sweets, the sugar intake will be too much, the amniotic fluid will increase, the more the amniotic fluid will increase the uterus, the range of the fetus will increase, which will increase the chance of the umbilical cord around the neck, Therefore, pregnant mothers usually eat less sweets.

2. Umbilical cord is too long

Umbilical cord is too long will also cause fetal umbilical cord around the neck, this phenomenon usually occurs in the second trimester, the fetus is small, amniotic fluid is more, the fetus will roll in the uterus, resulting in the umbilical cord around the neck, the umbilical cord is flexible, the fetus After pulling around the neck, as long as it is not pulled too much, there is not much.

On the contrary, there will be hypoxia and suffocation of the fetus. If the fetus has umbilical cord around the neck, the pregnant mother should check whether the fetal movement is frequent and irregular.

3. Stroking the belly often

Touching the belly The actions that every pregnant mother will do. The pregnant mother can touch the belly to interact with the fetus. If it is in the early stage, the pregnant mother can also touch. In the third trimester, the pregnant mother should reduce touching the abdomen. Pregnant mothers often The foetus will move actively by touching and touching the belly, which will also increase the chance of the umbilical cord around the neck.

4. Pregnant mother excessive exercise

Pregnant mothers all know that exercising can make the baby enter the basin smoothly, and reduce the production time during birth, but exercise time is not good to master the time. Excessive exercise will make the pregnant mother appear fatigued. The fetus will be because of excessive Excitement during exercise also increases the chance of the umbilical cord around the neck, so pregnant mothers should exercise properly.

Editor's suggestion:

(1). Pregnant mothers should learn to count the fetal movements of the fetus in the abdomen.

(2). Pay attention to the abnormal fetal position and excessive or low amniotic fluid during the inspection;

(3). Pregnant mothers reduce abdominal vibrations during exercise, it is best to sleep on the left side when sleeping;

(4). It is best to have instruments for measuring fetal heart sounds at home so that pregnant mothers can observe fetal heart sounds at any time;

The above is the reason and prevention method of the umbilical cord around the neck. For pregnant mothers who have the umbilical cord around the neck, do not worry, maintain a good mood, and actively cooperate with the treatment according to the doctor's recommendations.

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