Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Don't give up your childbirth because of fear of pain

It is said that the mother is very great, because when the child is born, it is the pain that reaches the twelve level of pain. This has also caused many people to feel painful when they mention the word natural birth, and it takes a lot of determination to choose natural birth.

After giving birth to a baby, we met a treasure mom with a few months of babies. When chatting, we always talk about cesarean delivery. I found that many mothers chose caesarean section because of fear of the labor pain. Recalling my anatomy experience, I found the amniotic fluid turbid when I opened the four fingers, and I needed an emergency caesarean section. At that time, I couldn't bear the pain anymore. When the anesthetic was hit, the pain disappeared immediately. I felt so happy at that moment.

In fact, expectant mothers still choose cesarean delivery if their physical conditions permit. If they choose to have a cesarean section because they are afraid of pain, in fact, they don’t know that cesarean delivery can also be performed without pain, so that they don’t have to hurt so much.

Painless delivery is the analgesic injection of anesthetic in the body

By injecting drugs into the body, it can reduce the nerve transmission of pain, thereby reducing the maternal perception of pain. There are two methods of intramuscular injection and intraspinal injection.

Through proper drug injection, the parturient can not only retain the perception of contractions during the birth process, but also consciously cooperate with the doctor to exert force, and the pain is not so obvious. It is really the gospel of the majority of mothers who give birth.

When I gave birth, the hospital stated that it was possible to use painless delivery, but the expenses should be paid by myself. After asking me that there are no side effects on the mother and child, I asked for painless delivery. The doctor said that I had to wait until the three-finger opening of the palace.

There are time conditions for painless delivery, and it is most suitable to open three fingers to the mouth

In the hospital, I saw some women who were unbearable because of labor pains. They cried and asked the doctor to give anesthetics for painless delivery. I myself just waited because of the slow opening of the palace. Others have a second child, and the opening of the palace is very fast when giving birth, and they have already opened to six fingers and seven fingers at the hospital. In this case, there is no need for painless delivery.

Painless childbirth only reduces the pain, it does not mean that there is no pain at all

If the pain is scored with a full score of 10, the pain index will be reduced to four after painless delivery, which is equivalent to abdominal pain before the official holiday. The maternal body can still feel the slight pain of contractions, which is also beneficial, and it can better work hard under the guidance of a doctor to accelerate the delivery of the fetus.

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