Thursday, July 2, 2020

Don’t do these three things in the morning, otherwise the fetus will be uncomfortable all day long!

Many expectant mothers feel that there is no emotion where the fetus has not been born. In fact, the fetus as an independent individual will also feel it. When he is not yet born, in most cases due to the connection between the mother and the mother’s emotions Changes affect fetal emotions, so expectant mothers should maintain a good mood, and these three things must not be done by pregnant women in the morning, which will affect fetal emotions!

1. The alarm is too big

In today's society, the rapid progress of the times, the pressure of life and the upward awareness of women themselves have made many expectant mothers not stick to the rules but still stick to their jobs. Since you have to work, you must abide by the company's rules and regulations, there is a fixed commute time, not so arbitrary. In order to enable ourselves to get up on time and not oversleep, we will set an alarm to remind ourselves to get up. This should be the case, but we must pay attention to the alarm clock of pregnant women must not be too loud, and the ringtone music can not be set to be uncomfortable and sharp.

Even a good-tempered person will be frightened by being irritated by being awakened, because sleeping is when people are most relaxed and unwarned. The same is true for the fetus. When he is awakened or scared in the mother, it is definitely not conducive to his own growth and development.

Pregnant women's ringtones are best set to more soothing music, and the volume is gradually increased so that neither you nor the fetus will be scared.

2. Get up too fast from the bed

Many people have such an experience. If they squat for a long time and stand up suddenly, they will feel dizzy and Venus. The reason for this phenomenon is caused by temporary anemia in the brain. When a person squats, the waist and legs are flexed, and the blood cannot flow up and down. If you stand up suddenly at this time, causing ischemia of the upper body, but the brain and eyes have particularly strict requirements for oxygen, and the supply is short. , Can also cause discomfort.

If the body is already weak, the situation will be heavier. It's the same when lying down, so you can't get up too fast. Otherwise, if the mother feels uncomfortable and the blood is surging, the child is also uncomfortable in the mother's stomach, because the child is connected to the mother.

At this time, the pregnant woman will learn to stay in bed. After waking up, she will stay awake in bed for a minute or two to wake herself up, and then slowly get up sideways, and then sit on the bed and move her limbs and get out of bed, so that the blood does not flow down. Too fast, the blood supply of the heart can keep up, and this phenomenon will not occur.

3. Take a shower in the morning

Usually we take a shower at night, of course, there may be some reasons why we failed to take a shower at night, so we took a shower the next morning, and in the hot weather in summer, we might sleep at night and sweat the next day, so some love Clean pregnant women will wake up and take a bath before going out. Although there is no harm in taking a bath during the day, it is still best not to take a bath during the day during pregnancy.

In fact, people cannot wash their hair immediately after getting up in the morning. If they wash their hair immediately, it will cause irritation to the scalp and adversely affect their health. And just after getting up at this time, his own blood circulation level has not reached the normal state. During the day, our skin is in a relatively sensitive state. After being stimulated by hot water, it will accelerate blood circulation. Severe or even cause intrauterine hypoxia, which is very harmful to the growth of the fetus. Some pregnant women wash their hair with their head down during the day, causing blood to flow back to the brain and congestion. Pregnant women may experience dizziness, which is a big problem if they faint.

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