Thursday, July 2, 2020

Don't do these "stupid things" before labor, it will not only hurt the doctor

During pregnancy, one of the most anticipated things for the expectant mother is the arrival of the due date, because we finally have to meet my dear baby. But at this time, the expectant mother's mood is definitely more complicated-both happy and nervous. Happy, everyone knows the reason; nervous, very afraid of accidents during childbirth. So many expectant mothers will follow the advice of elders or check a lot of information from the Internet during labor, but don’t do these stupid things, otherwise it will not only hurt the doctor, but also pit yourself.

1. Fasting into the delivery room

Maternal delivery is not completed in five minutes, thirty minutes, or even one hour. It takes five hours, seven hours, or even more than ten hours to meet the child safely. In this process, what should we do if we want to urinate or defecate? It is impossible for you to go to the toilet halfway after giving birth. Doing so will do harm to the child and you. It is normal for you to go to the toilet during childbirth. Doctors will not disdain you, and they have seen many such things. They will not remember you. If it is too frequent, the doctor will have their countermeasures, don't worry too much.

However, some pregnant mothers are still too shy and will not eat anything before entering the delivery room to reduce the occurrence of this embarrassing situation. In fact, this is wrong. Pregnant mothers need to consume too much physical energy during childbirth. If they do not eat well at the beginning, it is likely that they will have no energy during the contraction process. The uterine contraction has no strength, which is very harmful to the fetus. He will lack oxygen, and in severe cases, he may suffocate. It is a pity for you and your baby.

Therefore, pregnant mothers should eat every meal well before labor. They can eat more high-energy and digestible foods such as chocolate and milk. They can also bring food into the delivery room to supplement their abilities at any time. This is Responsible to the doctor, to the baby, to you.

Second, go to the bathroom alone

I am 35 weeks pregnant and have reached the stage of pregnancy. During the past few days in the hospital, she always felt painful from time to time, and she wanted to go to the toilet. Every time she used the help of her family to go to the toilet, fearing that something might happen. On this day, my mother-in-law went outside to fetch water, and when she couldn't wait, she walked slowly to the toilet by herself. As soon as she worked hard, she saw the child's head coming out as soon as she lowered her head. She immediately shouted, "Help!" After the mother-in-law who had finished the water came back and heard the call of her daughter-in-law, she immediately pressed and twisted and ran into the toilet. Fortunately, the treatment was relatively early, and the child and mother were safe. But Xiao Xiao always thinks about this, but he will still be in a panic. What should I do if something unexpected happens?

This little thing, let the observers involuntarily squeeze sweat for her. As we approached the date of birth, we should be more careful when doing anything. It is best to have someone to accompany us when we go to the toilet. You are walking on a big belly, and you have limited mobility. If you want to go to the bathroom when you are in pain, you must say hello to the doctor, because childbirth feels similar to wanting to defecate.

After the doctor's examination, I told you that the palace entrance was already opened, and the doctor would not let you go to the bathroom anymore. It is very likely that the child will be born during the toilet, and the consequences will be disastrous.

In many cases, we clearly insisted on the last step, and we will soon succeed, but this time we feel too tired, we will be relieved, and all our efforts are in vain. So the more critical moments, the less careless mothers can be, and everything must be careful. After asking the doctor, decide whether this can be done. I wish every mother can meet the little angel peacefully.

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