Friday, July 3, 2020

Don’t complain about your baby’s dysplasia

Many babies are stunted, not because they eat less, but because the food that their mother gives them is not nutritious. The most obvious point of this is the cooking. The food for the baby is basically done by mothers. The purpose is of course to let the baby eat healthily and grow healthily. However, many mothers do not pay attention to these things when they are cooking, so that the food for the baby is almost zero in addition to being hungry. I wonder if you did it wrong?

Never cut vegetables and wash

Many mothers have this habit when they cook. After the vegetables are cut, I think about washing them again. I thought they would be washed more cleanly. The baby will eat more healthily, but I don’t know. A large part of nutrition is lost. Especially for vegetables rich in vitamins B and C, after washing in water, these nutrients are basically gone. Therefore, Baoma must pay attention to the fact that when cooking, you must first clean and cut, and after the vegetables are cut, you should cook them as soon as possible, otherwise the cut vegetables will be lost in the air for too long.

Here is also a reminder to all kinds of mothers that some vegetables need to be boiled before frying. Vegetables that need to be boiled cannot be cut first. It is best to boil the whole vegetables in the water. When blanching green vegetables, you can use Put less salt and oil in it, this will make the vegetables look brighter.

When cooking, the oil has smoked before serving

Many mothers, even some chefs, are used to let the oil smoke before cooking. In fact, this method is also inappropriate, because the temperature of the oil is too high, it will also destroy the nutrients in the vegetables. Therefore, when cooking, mothers should also grasp the timing of the dishes, so that the fried dishes will be nutritious. And the vegetables can be sautéed. The cooking time is too long, which will destroy the nutrition in the vegetables. Many mothers often make mistakes. Many mothers think that cooking vegetables for a long time will help the baby to digest. In fact, this method is wrong. of.

The seasonings are too early

Some treasure moms just started cooking when they were cooking, and all kinds of seasonings followed, which was also wrong. We know that putting all kinds of seasonings, especially salt too early, will let the soup out of the dishes and damage the nutrients in the dishes. If it is meat dishes, it will also affect the taste of the food. It is recommended to all mothers that the best time to put various seasonings when cooking is when the dishes are almost seven or eight cooked. During this period of time, the dishes will be more tender and the nutrients will not be destroyed and the taste will be better.

If you want your baby to develop well, all the indicators are up to the standard. Moms must pay attention to these points when they cook for their babies. If you always cook for your baby in the wrong way, don’t blame your baby for underdevelopment. After all, the food you give him is inherently nutritious.

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