Friday, July 3, 2020

Does the baby like to spit bubbles?

As babies grow up day by day, their behaviors become cute day by day, and their babbling mouths learn to speak, and sometimes they shed water or spit bubbles. Many novice parents do not understand, why do children like to spit bubbles so much? No one teaches them, is the child uncomfortable? Today we will tell you why your baby likes to spit bubbles so much.

In the neonatal period, spitting or spitting is less because the salivary glands in the neonatal period are immature and the saliva secretion is less. As the child grows up, especially after three months, the amount of saliva secretion increases significantly. Movements will also increase significantly.

The reason why the baby is drooling or spitting bubbles is mainly because the child's ability to suck and swallow is not fully developed, so when the child is playing and laughing happily, or when there is a lot of saliva in the mouth, it may not be able to swallow the saliva in time. Then it will flow out. This situation will disappear automatically as the child grows older and the swallowing function improves.

First, children love to spit bubbles have these magical effects!

1. When the baby's teeth are going to break through the gingival tissue, it will inevitably cause swelling and pain in the tissue. The more saliva secreted by the child can play a certain lubricating role and reduce the possibility of periodontal inflammation;

2. Spitting bubbles can exercise your child's oral muscles, promote tongue and lips movement, and help speak;

3. Human saliva itself has a certain antibacterial effect. When children spit bubbles, they can keep their mouth and teeth clean to prevent tooth decay;

4. Spitting bubbles means that the child's saliva is strong, which can stimulate the child's taste buds and promote the formation of swallowing actions;

Second, children love to spit bubbles also have these problems!

Although it is not a serious problem for your baby to spit bubbles and drool, if you are not careful, it may still affect your child's health. Because the baby's skin is thin, and the saliva contains some digestive and corrosive acids, when the saliva flows to the corner of the mouth, face, neck or body, it is easy to damage the baby's skin. If you don't dry it in time, it is easy to make your child's skin red or eczema because of moisture.

When the child starts to spit bubbles and cause drooling, Baoma should stop the drooling.

1. At home, you must pay attention to the cleanliness and dryness of the skin around the child's mouth. If saliva flows out, mommy can use a softer handkerchief or towel to clean the child, and change the wash frequently.

2. You can apply a protective ointment near your baby's lips, but please pay attention to the kind that can be used by infants and young children when buying! This will prevent your child's skin from being inflamed due to moisture.

3. When wiping the skin around the mouth, try to avoid using wet tissues containing fragrances. If you want to use wet tissues, you should also buy a special one for infants and young children to prevent the child's skin from being irritated and causing discomfort.

3. Attention! Parents cannot ignore this situation!

If the child shows physical discomfort and is still spitting and drooling, then Bao Da Bao Bao Ma should pay attention to the symptoms caused by pneumonia in children. Infants suffering from pneumonia, the symptoms of the respiratory tract are often not obvious, and vomiting bubbles is one of the symptoms of pneumonia in children. In addition to this performance, the baby may also have symptoms such as not eating milk and choking milk. If so, parents should Take the child to the hospital in time. But if the child eats well and sleeps well, then there is generally no problem.

For small movements such as spitting bubbles, it is lovable and afraid of soiling clothes. In fact, you can bring a bib to the child, which is convenient and clean! The child's growth is a wonderful and slow process, each stage has a different cuteness!

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