Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Doctors often only say half of these pits after pregnancy

There is a pregnant mother who was short of calcium before pregnancy. After pregnancy, she heard that the pregnant mother would be more prone to calcium deficiency, so she made the decision all the time. She was supplementing calcium throughout pregnancy. High food, but also eat calcium tablets, the doctor asked to eat one tablet, she had to eat two tablets, because the doctor did not know that she was originally deficient in calcium. In this way, later this pregnant mother took too much calcium, and her baby was also hurt.

Too much calcium supplementation during pregnancy will not only affect the baby's intelligence and immunity, but will also cause the baby's bones to calcify prematurely and affect the growth of the baby's height. Therefore, there is a lot of knowledge during pregnancy. , Do something advocatingly. Just like this pregnant mother, she thought calcium supplementation is good for her children, but she didn't know that too much calcium supplement would harm her children.

In addition to this aspect, there are several pits for pregnant mothers during pregnancy. Doctors often say only half, and the other half will not say that this half depends on the pregnant mother "self-consciousness".

Problems with sleeping posture during pregnancy

In general, doctors will tell pregnant mothers to pay attention to the sleeping position after pregnancy and to adopt the "sleeping position on the left side", so that it is good for the fetus, and will not bring additional pressure on the fetus. So many pregnant mothers completely listened to the doctor, but there was a problem. The spine of these pregnant mothers had problems, and even had back pain. In short, it was very bad.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers should realize this by themselves. The doctor said that it is better to take a sleeping position on the left side, but it is only recommended, and it is mainly based on the left side. A sleeping position. This point must be understood by pregnant mothers, otherwise, if you know nothing about it, your own body will be hurt, and it will also harm the development of the fetus in the belly.

Supplemental nutrition during pregnancy

This pit is even bigger, and some pregnant mothers listen to the doctor saying that they need to supplement nutrition, so that it is good for fetal development. However, too much supplement during pregnancy, resulting in overnutrition, not to mention the big deformation of his body. If the baby becomes a huge child, the risk is greater at birth, and the chance of the baby getting sick after birth is also higher.

It is recommended that pregnant mothers should be aware of supplementary nutrition during pregnancy and try to eat as many meals as possible rather than overeating. Misunderstood the doctor's remarks, you will really "drop".

The same room during pregnancy

This matter is also of concern to many pregnant mothers. When consulting a doctor, the doctor will say that it is best not to have it because of fear that it will be harmful to the fetus. In fact, this statement is too absolute. Under normal circumstances, as long as you avoid the two sensitive things of early pregnancy and late pregnancy, and the pregnant mother itself is not the placenta previa, then this thing can still be done, just add more Just pay attention, so don’t jump on this "pit" pregnant mother.

Exercise during pregnancy

Appropriate exercise is good, but the pregnant mother's exercise must be within the scope of its own conditions, so that it is good, otherwise improper exercise may cause harm to the fetus in the belly.

Pregnant mothers should also understand the types of exercise during pregnancy. Yoga and walking during pregnancy are all possible. But some of the more intense sports, such as running, ball sports, etc., are best avoided.

After these pits, doctors often only talk about half, and the other half depends on the pregnant mother's "self-awareness". If you don't pay attention, you will "fall out". Pregnant mothers don't care.

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