Saturday, July 4, 2020

Do you think that doing these two things before going to bed is to help the baby, in fact, hurting him

Baby's sleep affects the baby's height, intelligence and other aspects of development. Therefore, most parents pay more attention to the baby's sleep quality. Therefore, many parents have made various solutions for the baby's sleep. Some of them are indeed effective, but some are not as good as imagined, but a kind of harm to the baby. For example, the following two types:

1. Excessive exercise before going to bed

The pace of modern life is fast, and many parents will take their babies to do some sports after eating at night, which is considered to be "beneficial to physical and mental health". There are even some parents who want to use a lot of exercise to consume the baby's mental and physical strength in order to let the child fall asleep faster at night. In fact, this does not make the baby fall asleep quickly. Because after a lot of exercise, the baby's spirit is very excited, in this state of excitement, he is difficult to fall asleep. Moreover, if a lot of exercise is performed before going to bed, the spirit cannot be completely stabilized, and the quality of sleep after falling asleep will be very poor.

2. Drink a cup of hot milk before bed

Many mothers have heard of "a cup of hot milk before bed can help sleep." In fact, this sentence itself is ambiguous. First of all, the term milk-assisted sleep is for adults. Secondly, this statement is also mixed with the promotion strategies of milk manufacturers. Therefore, in general, the term "milk-assisted sleep" does not apply to babies. In addition, milk is a food that is easily bloated. If your baby has poor digestion, it is easy to cause flatulence. The baby's stomach is uncomfortable, and the quality of sleep will naturally not be high.

So, what can really help your baby sleep?

1. Control daytime sleep time

When the baby does not sleep during the day, or does not sleep too much, after the exercise and consumption in the afternoon, it will quickly produce fatigue in the evening.

2. Develop a good biological clock

Cultivating a good biological clock for your baby can not only improve your sleep quality, but also promote your baby's absorption and growth.

3. Listen to soothing songs or stories before bed

Before the baby falls asleep, listening to the baby for some slow, soft songs, or reading some bedtime stories for the baby, can nurture the baby's artistic cells, and also allow the baby to fall asleep peacefully, the quality of sleep will naturally improve.

4. Take a hot bath before bed

Hot water can open the body's pores and relieve the body's fatigue all day. If the baby can take a hot bath before going to bed, it is also very helpful for the baby to go to sleep quickly. Knowledge mothers should pay attention to, after the bath, be sure to dry the baby's hair to avoid the baby from catching a cold.

5. Properly carry out some activities before going to bed

Although excessive exercise will affect your baby's sleep, if you do some proper exercise before bedtime, it will be beneficial to your physical and mental health. It will also help your baby fall asleep and the quality of sleep.

6. Sleep in a quiet environment

A quiet sleeping environment is also very important for the baby to fall asleep. If your baby is in a very noisy environment, then the baby is destined to be affected, making it difficult to fall asleep.

The baby does not sleep well, except for the cause of the disease, most are irritable. Therefore, if you want your baby to sleep well, let the baby have a calm mood before going to bed, and don't have too many emotional ups and downs. Only in this way can the baby quickly go to sleep and get a good night's sleep.

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