Thursday, July 2, 2020

Do not want to hurt the uterus, these kinds of behaviors should be avoided

Not paying attention to hygiene before and after menstruation

Some girls are big-hearted and do not pay attention to many things, especially do not pay attention to the hygiene of private parts before and after menstruation, but do not know that this kind of behavior will cause great harm to the uterus. The uterus is relatively fragile in the original menstrual period. If women do not pay attention to hygiene, it is easy to cause bacterial infections. If the uterus is uncomfortable, it will become a potential safety hazard for women during pregnancy. It can be said that the potential harm to women is also great.

The slim sister suggested that menstrual women must pay attention to hygiene. In addition, the sanitary napkins and toilet paper used during menstruation should also be of a guaranteed quality. Otherwise, they will easily cause infections and even cause various itching and other discomforts in the private parts.

Abnormal couple life

Nowadays, many young people do not pay attention when they are in the same room. They always think about the momentary enjoyment, but they do not know that some abnormal couples' lives will also cause great harm to the uterus. My slim sister suggested that women must know how to cherish themselves and be kind to themselves. The other half of women should also know how to cherish their daughter-in-law and not be too selfish. To know that the abnormal life of a couple, if it hurts the uterus of a woman, and you can’t get pregnant when you are about to have a baby, then you can only be the one who ultimately suffers.

Abnormal pregnancy

Women should pay attention to this. Abnormal pregnancy is also very harmful to the uterus. The abnormal pregnancy mentioned here by the slim sister is mainly due to the short interval between pre and post pregnancy. If the baby is just born and then pregnant again, the female uterus is not yet recovered at this time. If it is pregnant again, the uterus may be There will be problems due to excessive stimulation.

Multiple pregnancies are also abnormal pregnancy. Here mainly refers to the fact that some women have more than three children in order to have a son or a daughter. Excessive pregnancy will also cause great harm to the uterus. This female Also pay attention.

Frequent miscarriage is also an abnormal pregnancy. The reason why many women cannot conceive a baby is because there are too many abortions before, causing the uterine wall to be too thin, or habitual abortion after pregnancy. These will be very harmful to women.

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