Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Do not do these two things after your baby takes a bath, it is easy to cause illness!

Why does it cause the baby to spit milk in the bath? The editor will tell you what you can’t do after taking a bath and what you can’t do after taking a bath.

Why does the baby spit milk before and after bathing?

Before bathing: The baby cannot take a bath after eating milk, because the baby's stomach is dilated after taking the milk. If you take a bath immediately, it will cause the baby to vomit, which will harm the baby's stomach;

After bathing: the baby cannot drink milk after bathing. After the bath, the baby's blood flow rate is fast. At this time, the milk will gather in the stomach, then the blood flow rate of the skin and intestine will slow down , Thereby affecting the baby's digestive problems and causing indigestion.

Why can't the baby sleep directly after taking a bath?

After bathing and sleeping, many babies are there, especially babies and toddlers of the month. Every time you take a bath, you will find that your baby will fall asleep. Now the air conditioner is turned on in the summer. The reason why you can’t sleep in the bath is because your baby’s pores are open after taking a bath. In addition, the baby is not honest, and it is easy to catch cold because of the cold, so we are taking a bath for the baby and letting the baby adjust A little temperature, let the baby sleep.

How to deal with the baby after taking a bath?

1. It takes half an hour to feed the baby after bathing;

2. After giving the baby milk, let the child play while sleeping;

3. Don't let the child get too excited during the play, otherwise the child will not be drowsy;

4. Wrap the child with a thin bath towel after taking a bath, dry it and quickly put on clothes;

Parents should pay attention to the bathing of the baby. After all, the child should be small to avoid getting sick. Sickness will cause nutrition for the baby's growth and development. We must take care of the baby's health.

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