Thursday, July 2, 2020

Do not clean these parts of the baby frequently, the dirty spots are healthier!

The baby is white and fat, the skin is pink and tender, and the body is healthy and healthy. It is cute to do any action at random. How do people not love it? Presumably every pair of parents likes to clean up their babies cleanly, but have we ever thought that a moderate "dirty" may be a good thing for babies.


Imagine that in the wilderness where the cold wind screams, a baby is miserably buried in a pile of loess, and when he looks up, there are two long snots hanging under his nose. ! Successfully disgusted myself. This is a far cry, forgetting that we are talking about booger, not booger.

Booger, the same dirty, is not conducive to the baby's breathing, how can parents who love clean can tolerate it appearing on their baby, so they dig, dig, dig, dig, and can't stop. Here, it is necessary to remind everyone that although booger looks disgusting, it is also useful. Booger can be regarded as a natural protective barrier for the baby's nasal cavity. Frequent cleaning can easily cause respiratory tract infections. Moreover, the blood vessels in the nasal cavity are very rich. If you are not careful, you will have a nosebleed.

In most cases, parents do not need to clean up the baby’s booger. If it feels that the baby’s booger is more obstructive to breathing, mom and dad can use normal saline to spray and drip the nose and let the baby lie on their head for a while. Use a cotton swab or paper towel to handle the snot.


Some babies like Mom and Dad to help themselves out ears, because it is so itchy and very comfortable. However, parents and dads must be careful. Pulling their ears may hurt the baby’s delicate and tender ear canal, and may even cause external auditory canal inflammation; if there is another “excessive force”, the poor eardrum will be injured.

In fact, normal earwax will not affect the health of the ears. In addition, small earwax has a great effect. They can help prevent microorganisms, small bugs and water from entering the ear canal and protect the baby's ears. Moreover, the earwax can be expelled by itself, so mom and dad don't have to worry too much. If the baby has a lot of earwax, the baby also feels uncomfortable. It is recommended that mom and dad take the baby to the doctor and let the doctor do professional treatment instead of arbitrarily plucking the ear to the baby.


In the first few months of the baby's birth, there is a layer of "dirt" on the head, which is thick and oily, and looks dirty. This is cicatricial scab, and they will disappear on their own from half to one year old. The baby will not feel uncomfortable. Mom and Dad don’t commit obsessive-compulsive disorder, try to help your baby forcefully remove the crust. If it doesn’t work well, it may lead to inflammation of the baby’s scalp.

However, there are always stubborn moms and dads who say no, I must remove the baby's crusted scabs. At this time, mom and dad can use cotton swabs to soak in mineral oil, commonly known as baby oil, wipe gently, and then wash with warm water. Don't worry about cleaning it once, persevere every day, it will be washed off slowly.

Everyone loves clean children, and babies like to be clean, but extreme cleanliness will make their skin “full naked” to the world and shy; moderate dirt is more conducive to health, so dear parents , Please allow your baby to be a healthy "dirty child".

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