Thursday, July 9, 2020

Couple sex skills, these poses are the most labor-saving!

Many couples will feel tired when they have sex, so they will still hope to choose some relatively labor-saving positions when they are in the same room. So what are the couple's sexual life skills and postures? Today's editor will share the couple's sex with you Tips to see which poses are more labor-saving.

1. Sexual skills sharing between couples: These poses are the most labor-saving!

1. Female pose

When men are tired, in order not to increase their fatigue, the most commonly used is the posture of women. In this way, the male only needs to lie on his back, and the initiative of sexual intercourse is in the hands of the woman, so that the male can complete sexual intercourse without consuming energy. There are different changes in the posture of the female. For example, supposing the male is supine, there is a difference between closing and separating the legs. For women, there are elbows on both sides of the male, or both wrists stand upright on both sides of the male, and both knees stand upright and sit completely on the male.

One of the most intense should be straddling the mid-waist of the man, making the waist sit upright and do the posture of up and down exercise. This posture can make the penis deep inside the vagina. Because the uterus is lowered, the glans can directly stimulate the uterus and make both men and women feel happy. The male maintains the same posture from beginning to end without activity, so it is a posture that can satisfy both parties when the male is tired.

2. Lateral lying position

Another posture preferred by men is to lie on their sides. There is no need to add weight to each other. Men can insert from the front or back. Because it does not have to bear the weight of the other party, it is suitable for fatigue. This is an appropriate posture that can be fun as long as it is in contact. A posture that can be maintained for a long time can enjoy its fun. Both men and women can use this method when they are tired. . But its disadvantage is that the depth of insertion is shallow, and full stimulation cannot be obtained. It is recommended that when a man is tired, let him rest comfortably, replenish his physical strength, and nourish his spirit. When the time comes, the war will definitely be more fierce!

3. Sitting forward

Another method that can be used when a man is tired is to sit forward. Men and women face each other, males sit down and stretch out their legs, female thighs are stretched over men, and they hug each other. This is a comprehensive contact between the skin of the two parties, so the stimulation is very strong, the two can also chat face to face, the sexual activity is done by the woman, as long as the man maintains the same posture. In this case, the man puts his hands behind his back, and the woman moves completely. When the penis is inserted into the vagina, the woman puts her hands behind the man. The way to stimulate the other party is to raise the buttocks.

Men put their hands behind their backs, regardless of the situation of women, it always gives people a feeling of insufficiency. At this time, women also put their hands behind the men, and they move their feet forward or bend backwards to combine the sex devices. It is easy to increase the stimulation, so you can get greater pleasure. And in this posture, because the penis intersects the centerline of the vagina, the woman moves back slightly, just like the flagpole falls down, which can give men an oppressive stimulus, so that fatigue disappears and a strong pleasure is obtained.

4. Sitting posture

This is the last posture in which the male is sitting with his hands behind his back, and the female is facing away from him. At this time, the female's vaginal opening is backward, and the penis is easy to insert, and the female's movement is relatively free. When the male is tired, the disadvantage of this posture is that they cannot see each other's face and cannot talk.

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