Thursday, July 9, 2020

Couple flirting skills, how to increase the fun of the couple

To make the life of the couple harmonious and to travel together often helps to increase the awareness between the couple so that the two will not quarrel frequently. Today, the editor will share more couple flirting skills with you to see how to increase the fun of the couple.

1. Flirting skills for couples

1. The temptation of sexy underwear

Don't think that those expensive sexy lingerie are flashy, they really make men crazy. Especially underwear with lace and tulle can increase mystery and anticipation. Having one or two sets of sexy underwear is an indispensable weapon for married women. Don’t think it’s okay for a couple to know each other’s roots. Those underwear that has a hole and different types of underwear are best to throw away. Of course if you If you think the underwear with a broken hole is more sexy, then continue to wear it.

2. Being shy and passionate at the right time

If you are already familiar with each other and have no secrets about sex, you may wish to try a sudden change of style. Think about how you blushed to accept his affectionate request back then, so that you will be so shy that you will make him fun. The male can ask her if she can hug and watch pornographic movies together.

3. It feels more when the lights are on

A study published in the Journal of Sexual Behavior found that not only men pay attention to visual stimuli in sex, but women also receive visual stimuli. You can turn on the lights before and after sex, and open your eyes, which helps the two parties to observe each other's reactions when communicating. Having sex in front of a mirror, or watching passionate films in your sexual life, can help strengthen the passion of both parties.

Second, how to increase the interest of husband and wife

1. Transvestite temptation.

Secretly buy a set of sexy or alternative clothes. When the tired husband pushes the door open, your brand-new look will make him find a heartfelt feeling again.

2. Coquetry invites petting.

Don't always be busy with housework or elderly people, and treat your husband like a baby. The coquettish woman is the best life. No matter how busy she is, she must take time out, beg for a hug, beg for a kiss, and express her love for him.

3. Unlock the posture.

For love, men always like to study more'patterns', women often have the shy mentality to'pay attention to the image' in bed, they don't always like to try new tricks, you know, too stiff poses will make love Love becomes dull, let yourself be more open, you will find that the fun between the bed curtains will be greatly increased.

4. Temptations.

When the husband and wife are familiar with the feelings of the husband and wife, occasionally a change of'role' will make each other's interest greatly increased. For example, you put on a maid costume and serve as your "boss" as a "maid". .

5. Travel distractions.

Don't always be busy earning money and pinching money, properly relax is more conducive to life and work, dress yourself up beautifully, and take a "honeymoon" journey with him, which is also a good way to increase fun and reduce stress.

6. Take the initiative to attack.

Do you think he is more and more dislike of sexual affairs? Is he more and more routine? May he take the initiative to attack, if he refuses to cooperate, okay, let him accompany you to watch a'small movie', See who else can be calm?

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