Thursday, July 9, 2020

Contraindications for pregnant women: be sure to pay attention to these during pregnancy

Many people think that having sex during pregnancy is contraindicated for pregnant women, but studies in the past 30 years have shown that there is no evidence that sexual life during pregnancy will increase the adverse pregnancy consequences of healthy pregnant women. So is it allowed for pregnant women to have sex? Nor is it! There are many taboos in sexual life during pregnancy Matters needing attention, I hope that all parents can learn more.

1. Taboos for pregnant women

1. It is best to use condoms or extracorporeal sperm for sex during pregnancy

Sexual life can be done during pregnancy, but it is not to encourage everyone to go to uncontrolled sex life. When having sex during pregnancy, it is best to use a condom or take extracorporeal sperm to prevent semen from entering the vagina. This is because the prostaglandins in semen will be absorbed by the vaginal mucosa, which may cause uterine contractions, which will not only cause abdominal pain in pregnant mothers, but also easily cause miscarriage or premature delivery.

2. These women should avoid sex during pregnancy

For women with habitual abortion, a history of premature birth, and older primiparas, for safety reasons, such pregnant women have sex, and sexual life is prohibited throughout pregnancy. Everything in pregnancy must be based on the highest health of the pregnant mother's health! Moderate, safe, caring, gentle, restrained, and to ensure that the mother's health is acceptable to the same room.

However, there are some people who do not recommend the same room during pregnancy: pregnant mothers with a history of miscarriage, premature birth, or bleeding, abnormal secretions, placenta previa, low placenta, cervical laxity or other abnormal phenomena should not do the same room!

Second, pregnant sex must pay attention to these!

1. The range of sex during pregnancy should be small. Avoid generating large vibrations that affect your baby.

2. Sex during pregnancy should pay more attention to hygiene, and clean the private parts before and after to avoid infection.

3. In the third trimester, 2 weeks before the expected date of delivery, sex is strictly forbidden to avoid premature birth.

4. Make love in the first trimester, be careful to avoid miscarriage.

5. Love during pregnancy, prohibit oppression and impact on the stomach, prohibit women from over-excitement, and try to be as restrained as possible.

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