Thursday, July 2, 2020

Children have these characteristics are typical of malnutrition

Nowadays, parents hardly believe that their children will be malnourished. After all, living conditions are different from those in the past. They can’t afford anything they want to eat. Now, every family is very particular about what they eat, especially for their children’s diet. Health, mothers are very concerned about it, for fear of affecting the growth and development of their children. But mothers need to understand the fact that not eating abundance means they are not malnourished. These characteristics of the child are typical of malnutrition, and the mother ignores it and delays development.

Slow height and weight gain

This is the most typical and most obvious feature. It is said that a child grows faster because the child is developing at a rate that is visible to the naked eye, and the child has its own rules to follow. If a parent finds that the child is not tall in height and weight for a certain period of time, excluding the physical illness, the child may be malnourished. However, mothers should not blindly compare their children with other children, because each child's growth and development are different, there is no comparability, just compare with the child's own growth and development curve.

Frequent constipation

If a child has a healthy diet and good digestion and absorption, then his bowel movements are regular. If the mother finds that the number of sudden bowel movements of the child decreases, it is more strenuous every time a bowel movement occurs, and there are also cases of constipation. This situation is not only the result of children eating too much spicy food and getting angry, but it may also be caused by malnutrition caused by imbalanced intake of nutrients.


Many parents think that overeating is the result of overeating. In fact, overeating is only the cause of some obese children, and the other part of overly obese children is caused by malnutrition. The main reason is that the child’s eating habits are unhealthy, such as being too picky and partial eating, resulting in insufficient intake of certain micronutrients. Insufficient micronutrients will cause the fat in the child’s body to not be normally metabolized into heat loss, and will be stored in the body, allowing the child to Fatter.

Therefore, mothers should not only let the children eat abundance, but also let the children eat reasonably and healthily, adjust the children's diet structure in a timely manner, increase the variety of food, coarse grains, fine grains, meat and vegetables, vegetables and fruits are not indispensable.

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