Thursday, July 2, 2020

Children grow taller, parents should not be too happy

When a child suddenly grows taller, parents should not be too happy too early, first see if he is "precocious", especially parents who are not tall on both sides should pay attention. Because under normal circumstances, girls 10-12 years old, boys 12-14 years old, only began to enter puberty, the body has some embarrassing "sexual development". But before this, the growth is too fast, it may be that the baby's "embarrassment period" has arrived earlier, and he will grow and develop for a few years later than his peers. Moreover, precocious children will be ridiculed and excluded because of different "sexual characteristics" of their peers, and their hearts will be very hurt.

Therefore, when children have signs of "premature maturity", parents should pay attention to it. However, boys and girls have different ages during the embarrassing period of "precocious puberty":

The girl suddenly grew tall before the age of 8 and had "sexual characteristics"

Medically, a girl who suddenly grows tall before the age of 8 and has "sexual characteristics" is regarded as "precocious puberty". These sexual characteristics are similar to the development of adolescent daughters, such as breast development, long armpit hair, and menstruation. We all know that if a girl enters the "precocious period" in advance, although the height seems to be higher than that of the girl of the same age, it will not grow much in the future. The child will fall into the embarrassment of being laughed at because of the special "development", and will also fall into inferiority because of the "slow growth" in the future. Therefore, before the girl is 8 years old, parents must closely observe the child's development, especially pay attention to the child's diet, and prevent the child from eating those foods that are easy to cause "precocious puberty". If the child is in advance of the "embarrassment period", parents should not hide it. They should take her to the hospital for examination in time. The sooner they cooperate with the doctor, the better.

The boy suddenly grew tall before 9 years old and had some "sexual characteristics"

Medically, the age of "precocious puberty" of boys is a little later than girls, before 9 years old. Therefore, if the boy suddenly grows tall this year and has "sexual characteristics" such as voice change, long beard, obvious throat knot, long armpit hair, and nocturnal emission, parents should be vigilant. Boys have precocious puberty just like girls. Although they grow up quickly, they also have a psychological burden due to the embarrassment of "sexual characteristics". Therefore, the boy has "precocious puberty" phenomenon, parents should pay attention to take him to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible.

In fact, there are many cases of children who are "precocious" because of their growth environment and dietary conditions. Parents must take a correct view of the relationship between children's growth and nutrition, and don't give them blind babies.

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