Thursday, July 2, 2020

Childbirth pain, but do not want a caesarean section? Then you have to learn to "force" like this

Forced labor is essential for the smooth birth of the fetus and less pain. Many of the friends around me who have turned around have suffered two crimes because they are not "hard". Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers who are painful during delivery and do not want to have a caesarean section may wish to learn to learn such "force".

Reserve energy in advance and save energy to "strengthen"

The prerequisite for "strengthening" a smooth birth is first of all to be energetic. If you are not energetic, you can only have enough energy but not enough energy. Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers prepare energy in advance before giving birth. First of all, pay attention to exercise during pregnancy, walk appropriately, and give birth in the best physical state. Secondly, eat well during pregnancy and achieve comprehensive nutrition to ensure a strong body during production. Finally, it is necessary to have a good meal on the day of production. It is also very important that when there is a contraction reaction, but the uterine opening is not fully opened, don't bother to yell, learn to adjust your breathing, save energy, and remind yourself to use Jiner on the delivery bed. In this way, if you save your strength, you will be able to strengthen the determination and confidence of the pregnant mother to give birth, and then you will be half sure of success.

With the help of contractions, "force"

Contractions are the most critical condition for a smooth birth and a strong support for a baby to be delivered smoothly. Therefore, after the pregnant mother is in the delivery room, she must understand how to use the force of contractions. Of course, when the uterine opening is not fully opened, the pregnant mother does not need to work hard. Only when the uterine opening is fully opened and the pain is strong, the pregnant mother can use the power of the contraction to "stretch". After the contractions are strong, about once every 2 minutes, once every 1 minute, this 1 minute is when the pregnant mother needs to make use of the effort.

Specifically, when the contractions are particularly strong, the pregnant mother closes her mouth and holds her strength, then stares at her belly button, grasps the armrests on both sides of the delivery bed, and pushes the pedals of the delivery bed with both feet. Then concentrate your strength on the lower body. However, the mother should pay attention to the lower body, not the stomach, but the buttocks. When the contraction is suspended, the pregnant mother can relax for a while and take a few deep breaths to prepare for the next contraction. With the help of several strong contractions, the baby's head almost came out. At this time, no more effort is needed to avoid tearing, and the force of contractions will help the baby slide out smoothly.

Cooperate with the doctor's birth instruction "force"

Of course, you will use the force of contractions, and you must also cooperate with the doctor's birth instructions to "strengthen", otherwise you may get stuck in the final moment. These two "forces" exist at the same time and cooperate with each other. After all, obstetricians have more experience in delivery, and have been observing changes in the fetus. The doctor knows how to contract your contractions and let your baby deliver quickly. This is why some women clearly feel that the "last trembling" is left, but they can't give birth to any effort, but the doctor can give a "forced" order in time when her contractions come, and let the fetus suddenly It was delivered smoothly.

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