Saturday, July 4, 2020

Carrying out these 6 kinds of sports too early will affect your baby's physical development

Today, the editor will take you to take a look at some types of sports that are not suitable for premature contact with your baby. Parents should pay special attention!

1. Handstand

Some mothers see other children can stand upside down on TV or mobile phone, and they also want to let their baby exercise through this form. However, handstands are not suitable for babies before the age of three. The bones of babies before the age of three are fragile and can be dangerous if they are not careful. Moreover, the handstand will damage the child's adjustment of the intraocular pressure. In the long run, it will easily affect the development of the child's vision.

2. Long-distance running

When it comes to exercise, it is estimated that the first reaction of many people is running. Indeed, running as one of the aerobic exercises has been favored by many people. However, excessive long-distance running will impact the knee joint and negatively affect the child's bone development, so the editor does not recommend the baby to run long distances before the age of six.

If you really want your baby to run, it is recommended to add some energy to the baby before running, and must only jog for a short time. In addition, in the autumn, the temperature difference between day and night is large. If you jog at night, remember to add a dress to your baby to avoid catching cold.

3. Leapfrog

When leapfrogging, the body bears more than three times the weight of its own weight, and at the same time, the impact of the leapfrog on the knee bone is also very large, and it is extremely easy to strain the ligament. Therefore, leapfrog is not suitable for children before the age of six. Leaping prematurely will only affect the child's bone development and slow down the growth rate.

4. Bicycling

Bicycling itself is a very good sport, which can not only exercise the child's balance ability but also cultivate the child's sense of balance. But letting the child learn to ride a bicycle too early may cause the child's knee to varus because of the need to step on the pedal hard, thereby affecting the bone development. Moreover, cycling is a relatively complicated sport for children, with a high risk factor. So parents try not to let children before the age of four ride bicycles.

Five, breaking wrist

Arm breaking is a kind of arm training, and it is also a good form of play between children and parents. However, children's limbs and joints are not well developed, and their shape is easily changed under external pressure. Therefore, children before the age of six are not able to withstand external forces. Parents should try to avoid breaking their wrists.

6. Fitness equipment

Now, many parks and communities have fitness equipment everywhere. Some elderly people will take their children to play with the fitness equipment. This is very dangerous. The fitness equipment is used by adults, and most of them are made of metal. The child accidentally knocks on it, and the consequences are unimaginable. Therefore, parents must be optimistic about their children and not go to the fitness equipment to play, but take the children to play some children's slides, swings and other relatively suitable equipment.

The above mentioned are not suitable for the baby to contact prematurely, otherwise it will not only play the role of physical exercise, but may harm the baby. So how do parents take their babies to exercise? The editor gives the following suggestions:

1. Rope skipping

Jumping rope can exercise children's leg strength and develop the ability to coordinate hands and feet. In addition, skipping rope can accelerate the body's blood circulation and help accelerate the development of children's heart and brain blood vessels. Parents can jump first to mobilize the baby's enthusiasm!

2. Shuttlecock

Remember the feather shuttlecock that flew up and down as a child? Although now feather feather shuttlecock gradually baby's attention, and coordination skills. When the baby is just in contact with the shuttlecock, you can also exercise by throwing the shuttlecock with the parents!

3. Jumping rubber band

Small balls, kick kicks, Malan blossoms 21, 25, 56... The change between the eloquent jumping rubber band formulas is to exercise the baby's ability to change thinking. Thinking and exercising, both open up thinking and exercise, why not do it?

4. Mountain climbing

Now when the air is refreshing, parents can choose to take their children to the mountain to breathe in fresh air and get in touch with nature. If there is a chance, they can let the baby experience the fun of climbing to the top of the mountain. Isn't the sport of mountaineering enough to help children's physical and mental health?

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