Thursday, July 2, 2020

Careful mother often observes these small parts of the baby, the disease is discovered early

I have to say that giving birth to a baby is really a big project. It is a reborn experience for mothers. From pregnancy to postpartum recovery period, the diet should be changed, the work schedule should be changed, and even all aspects of the body are related to It was very different before. For a family, it is a matter worth having a happy life. Just when the baby arrived, he came with a halo. Everyone regarded him as a treasure, and he was afraid of losing it in his palm. Bao is not happy and even willing to endure all the pains for the child. The newly born child is unfamiliar with everything and leaves the warm shelter of her mother’s body. She has almost no resistance and is very fragile, so she is also very susceptible to illness. They will not express any illness and will only cry. Trouble, in fact, the babies are just a few kinds of diseases. As long as the parents and parents carefully observe the changes in the details of the children's bodies, they can achieve better protection and treatment without too much worry.

Now let's talk about which parts of our daily focus?

1. Observe the corners of the eyes

Children and our adults, local details can help expectant mothers to judge the child's physical condition. If there are a lot of yellow shit in the corners of the eyes, it means that the child has liver fire. Smart mothers can give the child some vegetables and fruits to reduce liver fire. For example, celery is a good choice.

2. Observe the tongue

Xiaobao's tongue is also the attention of mothers from time to time. If the tongue is red, you can be sure that the child has a strong heart. At this time, children usually love thirst during the day, toss at night, and sleep quality will also be reduced. At night, if parents do not notice the details, but just think that the child is not obedient and add one to reprimand, it will make the children more Irritability, so mom and dad should calm their mind while soothing the baby's emotions. At the same time, mothers can also start with food. Tonic is a healthy and effective treatment. Mothers should treat children with better understanding of using food therapy instead of injections and medicine when appropriate.

3. Pay attention to the corners of the mouth

If the mothers observe carefully, if there is an unidentified white object in the child's mouth, it is usually caused by dry mouth, indicating that the child has a temper. You can find the persimmon frost on the persimmon to soak in water, or buy kiwi and feed it to your baby.

4. View anal

Parents can't ignore the baby's anus. The normal anus of a child is pink. When the intestine is hot or hot, the anus will be red and he will still hurt. The stronger the red, the more serious it is. If the mother’s baby’s anus is red, hurry and give the child something to eat. Tomatoes, cabbage, and sugar cane are good choices. At this time, you must remember not to overeat your child.

5. Observe stool

Stools often reflect the children's gastrointestinal tract and various physical conditions. Every time a child defecates, parents should look around to see if the baby is going to be relaxed and smooth, and whether the child has a painful expression. If he takes a lot of effort to pull out the stool, the stool is not yellow, and there will be bad breath, that is, stomach fire. In this case, try to give your child an empty stomach, eat less food, drink millet porridge, etc. to nourish the stomach and remove the stomach fire.

6. Check palm

The palm of your hand can also respond to many situations. If the palm of your baby is cool and tidal, everything is normal and you can rest assured. If it is hot and dry, and you sweat at night, there is a false fire. Such children, weak constitution, and cold food are taboo. Generally, children under the age of seven or eight do not need medication, and only need to be massaged by children to solve the problem. It's a three-point medicine, and treasure mothers must remember not to give children random medicine.

In short, the child’s own resistance is weak, it is impossible to make the child completely ill, but careful observation of the child’s physical and mental condition can give the child more intimate care, and I hope that every little angel can be healthy and happy. Grow up~

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