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Can't drink thousands of water or overnight water? Wrong, the real water to drink is it...

Drinking water, which seems to be a common thing, will also generate a lot of controversy, such as: Thousands of water causes cancer? Overnight water is poisonous? Is Yin and Yang water harmful? Pure water lacks minerals?

However, in fact, the water that is really harmful to the body is not these types, but many you can't think of.

You Ma made it clear to everyone today, which kind of water can drink, which kind of water can not drink.


Can Thousand Rolling Water Drink?

You may not think of the truth about this.

The answer is to rest assured!

Thousands of boiling water, that is, water that boils repeatedly and boils many times. There is a saying that boiled water can no longer boil and drink, otherwise it will cause cancer.

In fact, tap water does contain nitrate and nitrite. After repeated boiling, it will indeed cause some nitrate to be converted into nitrite.

Because nitrite may be converted into carcinogen nitrosamines, many people are very worried. However, talking about toxicity without dosage is just a hooligan!

◎National standard, the content of nitrite in drinking water should be: ≤1mg/L;

◎The nitrite content after boiling water repeatedly for 20 times is: 0.038mg/L.

Therefore, it is safe to drink water that has been burned several times in life, and it will not cause cancer.


Can't you drink water overnight?

Can drink! If the water boiled in the morning can be drunk at night, why can't the water boiled at night be the next morning? Similar to Qiannuanshui, rumors also pointed out guilt to nitrite.

Moreover, experiments have shown that overnight, even after boiling water for several nights, the nitrite content in the water is far below the national standard limit.

Therefore, the water can be drunk overnight, but the water should be covered with a lid to avoid falling into the dust.

Note: The boiled water can be capped and placed for up to 3 days, after this time, don't drink it.


Can't drink Yin and Yang water?

Yin-Yang water is cold and hot water, and it is filled with cool white, pure water, and mineral water, which is not harmful to health.

Boil your mouth with hot water, and don't mix it with cold water. Do you have to wait until it cools down naturally?

If it is tap water, well water, etc., it is really not drinkable, because there are various microorganisms in the water, raw drinking may cause discomfort such as diarrhea.

Therefore, cold and hot water can be drunk, but not tap water, well water, etc.


Is pure water often bad for your health?

think too much! There are really no minerals in pure water, but it is not bad for your health. The purpose of drinking water is only one-to add water.

As long as the water quality is qualified, it can meet the body's demand for water, whether it is drinking pure water, drinking boiled water, or drinking mineral water, there is no difference.

The body replenishes minerals, mainly relying on the food we eat every day. The minerals in the water we drink every day are actually very small.

The human body is performing metabolism at any time, discharging metabolites and absorbing nutrients, and these substances include "minerals".

No matter whether you drink pure water or mineral water, the absorption and metabolism of minerals in the body are continuing.

Therefore, instead of struggling with what water to drink healthy every day, it is better to spend more snacks on three meals a day.

◎Even if it is mineral water containing minerals, the calcium content is about 4mg/L. Drinking 2L of mineral water every day can only supplement 8mg calcium.

◎It only accounts for 1% of the recommended daily calcium intake (800mg), which is not as much as the calcium in your milk.

Therefore, it is meaningless to want to supplement minerals by drinking water.


What really causes cancer is: hot water!

To be precise, it is hot water above 65℃.

The World Health Organization also lists hot drinks above 65°C as a Class 2A carcinogen (probably carcinogenic).

The reason is temperature, not the drink itself. Drinking hot water above 65℃ often may cause cancer risk.

Why is this temperature stuck at 65°C? , Because our oral mucosa and esophageal mucosa are very sensitive to temperature:

Appropriate eating temperature is 10℃~40℃

The tolerable high temperature is also 50℃~60℃

It can burn mucous membrane if it exceeds 65℃

Occasionally scald, our mouth and esophagus can repair themselves. However, if you drink hot water for a long time and eat while hot, you may become the darling of oral ulcers and esophageal ulcers, and it will also bury the hidden danger of esophageal cancer.

So, don’t say to people again: "Drink more hot water" and "Eat hot". Be kind to deal with bad things. As for those who are used to hot food and those who are used to hot drinks, I advise you to change it as soon as possible. This bad habit.

So, how to judge if it exceeds 65℃?

Hot pot soup up to 120℃

Freshly brewed tea temperature is 80~90℃

The temperature of dumplings and noodles just out of the pan is about 70℃~80℃

Therefore, the temperature of 65 ℃ water can only make normal people take a sip. If you feel hot, cool it and drink it in a small sip, it is lower than 65 ℃.

Water is often regarded as a panacea by the public: if you want to lose weight and detox, someone advises you to drink more water, a cold and a cough, and friends will advise you to drink more water...

Lack of water is not good for the body, but drinking too much and being anxious may not be a good thing. There are a few things you need to know about drinking water:


Remember 4 "don't"

1. Don't wait for thirst before drinking water

If you feel thirsty, it means that your body is already in a state of dehydration, urinating, sweating, breathing...

People distribute water almost anytime and anywhere, so they should drink water often, not just out of it, drink about 150~200 ml each time, the interval is about half an hour.

2. Don't limit yourself to 8 glasses of water

According to the recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines of the Chinese Nutrition Society, drink about 1500 milliliters of water every day, which is almost the amount of "8 cups of water", but this is just a suggestion. Different situations need to be treated differently.

For example, if you sweat a lot during vigorous exercise and lose a lot of water, you need to increase the amount of water you drink. People with diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease cannot "drink more water" like everyone else.

The amount of water is best to follow the doctor's advice, so as not to increase the burden on the heart or kidneys.

3. Don't use drinks instead of water

Drinks with a lot of sugar and juices rich in vitamins and inorganic salts are not only difficult to be absorbed by human cells, but these ingredients also consume some water when they are oxidized and decomposed in the body, resulting in more thirst after drinking.

4. Don't forget to clean the water dispenser

Most drinking fountains use bottled water. As long as the quality is qualified, they are safe and hygienic. Compared with water, it is more important to pay attention to the drinking fountain itself. During the use of the machine, bacteria may breed. If it is not cleaned for a long time, There is a safety risk, it is recommended to clean the water dispenser every 1 to 2 months.


"Drink more water" is worse than "drink water"

Although drinking water is extremely simple, but there are still a lot of attention, come and learn from Youma~

1. Drink a glass of warm water after getting up in the morning

When you get up in the morning, you will be in a state of physiological water shortage. After you get up, drink a cup of warm water. It takes only 20 seconds for the water to enter the blood, quickly dilute the blood, improve dehydration at night, and help the liver and kidney metabolize and discharge waste. .

2. Eat too full, drink some hawthorn or lemonade

If you eat too much or eat too much high-fat foods such as deep-fried food, you can drink some hawthorn or lemonade to dissolve greasy and promote digestion.

3. Eat salty, drink plain water or light soy milk

When the food is salty, it is best to drink plain water or lemonade. You can also drink light soy milk, which contains more potassium, which helps promote the discharge of sodium.

4. Replenish water when you are upset or stressed

When a person is upset and stressed, epinephrine will soar. At this time, you may wish to drink a glass of water. Epinephrine will be excreted with the water, and your mood may be much easier.

It turns out that drinking water has so much attention. For your health, it is important to learn scientific drinking methods. Quickly show this article to family and friends!

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