Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Calcium supplementation for babies, breastfeeding and formula feeding have a big difference

Netizens often leave a message to Mr. Gu Yu to inquire about calcium supplementation for their baby. A few days ago, a mom shared her story. She said that she had a younger brother in her family. Her younger brother was not tall. She always attributed the reason to the poor family conditions when she was a child. Parents did not give him calcium supplements to limit his height growth.

Now that the netizen is a mother herself, her family's conditions are much better, so she thought about giving her son more calcium when she was born, and she should not owe her son. The netizen heard that the baby needed calcium and cod liver oil when he was young, so he actively gave his son a daily meal, but after a period of time, the problem also appeared. She found that her son's body always had three problems.

According to Mr. Gu Yu, although calcium is given to the baby, although if the baby is deficient in calcium, all aspects of the baby's development will be affected, but if the method is wrong, or if the amount of calcium is too much, the baby's body It will be too much. If you really want to give your baby calcium supplements, you should pay attention to whether you eat breast milk or formula milk after your baby is born. There is a difference in calcium supplementation, but it cannot be generalized.

Since the baby has been breastfeeding since birth

Teacher Gu Yu’s suggestion is that if the baby has been breastfeeding since birth, generally speaking, after two weeks, the baby needs to supplement vitamin D with the baby, but at this time, the baby can’t add calcium, partly because Baby's breast milk does not lack calcium. On the other hand, the baby's digestive system is still developing. At this time, calcium supplement will only increase the baby's metabolic burden and cause harm to the baby.

The breast milk that the baby eats contains the calcium in the mother's body, so during breastfeeding, Bao Ma may have a calcium deficiency problem. Teacher Gu Yu’s suggestion is that the baby can’t add calcium at this time, but Baomao can add some calcium to herself, so that the baby can use breast milk to improve her immunity through breast milk.

Since the baby was born, he has been drinking formula milk

In the second case, if the baby has been drinking formula milk since birth. As long as the baby's daily intake of milk is more than 750 milliliters, calcium supplementation is not necessary at this time, because the formula milk that the baby drinks contains all kinds of nutrients needed for his physical development, naturally including vitamin D and calcium.

For babies who drink formula milk, when they grow up and start to supplement foods, the baby's intake of milk powder may decrease at this time, but as long as the food supplements are added reasonably, the baby does not need calcium supplements, but parents should calculate the milk powder. If the daily intake of vitamin D is less than 400 IU, it should be supplemented. The baby mom mentioned at the beginning of the article, her son drinks formula milk, but she supplements her son with calcium and cod liver oil every day, causing the baby to be unable to absorb it, which also causes the baby to always have problems.

The focus is on vitamin D for the baby

Many times it is said that the baby lacks calcium, in fact, it is lack of vitamin D. The calcium supplement for the baby is actually to supplement vitamin D to help the baby absorb calcium, but also know that vitamin D should not be supplemented in excess. After 600 international units per day. Baoma and her family can also take the baby out properly, and sunbathing is also a good choice.

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