Friday, July 3, 2020

Breast milk is good, but the child must have these performances, and can no longer breastfeed at night

The mothers who have brought the baby all know that although it is very hard to have a baby in October, the harder thing is to have the baby after the baby is born. Not to mention, the fact that mothers cannot sleep at night after being born alone will drive many mothers crazy. So, when can we give the baby weaning at night? In fact, as long as the mothers find these signals, they can start to cut off the night milk. Let's take a look at Mom!

1. Gradually regular work and rest

Generally speaking, after three months, the baby will have the conditions to sleep soundly, but the baby may not adapt. At this time, mothers should help the baby develop a more regular schedule. You can sleep a few times during the day, and let your baby have complete sleep for as long as possible at night (usually within four hours).

2. I have started to add food supplements

Many mothers will say that in about four or five months, they can already add supplementary food to their babies. The latest will also start at six months. The addition of supplementary food means that the baby can be very full during the day, and naturally will not be very hungry at night, so mothers can also slowly reduce the number of night feedings accordingly.

3. The baby starts to grow teeth

Breast milk contains a little sugar, and if you feed your baby at night, the remaining milk will seep into the teeth, causing the baby to grow cavities. Therefore, after the baby starts to grow teeth, mothers should also start to reduce the number of breastfeeding.

4. Don't eat milk well at night

Careful mothers will find that babies are more curious about the outside world than we are. In fact, I am curious because the baby has not seen it before, and I have the idea to try it. If the baby is curious about what the adult eats, he always turns his head when he is breastfeeding, or doesn’t want to eat a few bites. These signals are like the baby is saying, “I don’t want milk anymore. I want to try something else. "This is also the time when mothers should reduce the number of breastfeeding at night.

I don't know the signals mentioned by the mother, have the mothers found it on the baby? If it does, then congratulations to my mother can reduce a little fatigue with the baby. How should mothers reasonably give the baby a weaning night? Here are some tips for mom to help you, continue to check it out!

Guide your baby to sleep properly

Many parents will pat the baby gently before going to bed, or some will walk around holding them, which is not the most correct way. Because sleep is cyclically carried out in several stages, if the baby falls asleep in one environment at a certain stage, it is easy to wake up when changing to another environment. So try to let your baby sleep in an environment.

Prepare some familiar pacifiers

Babies like familiar environments, and strange feelings can make the baby uneasy and easily wake up at night. Moms prepare some familiar sheets, small toys, etc. to help the baby sleep peacefully.

Appropriate amount for dinner

Because you can't breastfeed frequently at night, you need to add a little dinner to prevent your baby from waking up at night. Complementary foods such as fruit puree and rice noodles can not only enrich nutrients, but also full stomach. Generally speaking, after eating at ten o'clock in the evening, you can go to two or even six o'clock the next day.

Two tips

Wake up in the middle of the night. Don’t rush to feed your baby. Maybe he just wakes up habitually. Of course, this is to rule out being hungry. At this time, try to appease gently, maybe the baby fell asleep.

If the soothing effect is not great, mothers can try to feed the water. Your baby may just be used to sucking, so feeding water may also help.

Weaning is a gradual process and mothers should not be too anxious. Each baby has its own rules, and the duration is different. Moms should be patient and pay attention to the above signals to help the baby wean smoothly and make themselves easier.

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