Sunday, July 5, 2020

Be wary when you are pregnant

Many pregnant mothers prefer to eat some fruits during pregnancy, especially some pregnant mothers who have poor appetite, will often eat fruits as meals. Fruits are not only rich in vitamins, which can promote the growth and development of the fetus, but also can enhance the appetite of the pregnant mother, let the pregnant mother eat more food, and provide enough nutrition for the fetus in the belly. Most pregnant mothers know that they should not eat too much sugar-containing fruits during pregnancy, such as: persimmon, longan, bayberry, eating these fruits is not only easy to get angry, but also causes pregnant mothers to get gestational diabetes risks of.

In fact, when pregnant mothers eat fruit, not only should pay special attention to the sugar content and fruit properties of the fruit, but also pay special attention to the time period to eat fruit. Pregnant mothers belong to a special group, and every habit during pregnancy is closely related to the health of the fetus. For the health and growth of the fetus, pregnant mothers must avoid consuming fruits during these three periods of time, otherwise it will not only adversely affect the fetus, but also be very detrimental to their own bodies.

Don't eat fruit for half an hour after a meal

Many pregnant mothers believe that eating a little fruit after a meal can help digestion. In fact, eating fruits immediately after a meal not only does not help the digestion of the stomach, but also causes harm to the stomach of the pregnant mother. Because a lot of food is stuck under the stomach, the sugar in the fruit is difficult to be absorbed by the intestinal villi. A large amount of sugar accumulated in the stomach will not only affect the digestive function of the stomach, but also cause symptoms of stomach acid.

Do not eat fruit 20 minutes before going to bed

It is best not to eat fruit before going to bed at night for pregnant mothers. One is because the fruit contains a lot of water, which will increase the number of times the pregnant mother urinates at night; The weight of the pregnant mother increased rapidly. Too much weight gain for pregnant mothers will not only affect the health of the fetus, but also increase the difficulty and pain during delivery. Therefore, for fetal and own health, pregnant mothers must not sleep immediately after eating fruit.

Drink water when you are thirsty, you can't eat fruits to quench your thirst

Pregnant mothers often experience thirst during pregnancy, and many pregnant mothers feel that boiled water is relatively dull, and they will choose to eat some fruits to quench their thirst. Although the fruit is sweet and sour, it can quench your thirst, but it cannot replace the function of plain water. Boiled water can not only promote the metabolism of pregnant mothers and fetuses, but also clean up the garbage in pregnant mothers. Therefore, when pregnant mothers are thirsty, they must choose to drink plain water instead of eating fruit.

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