Thursday, July 9, 2020

Baby's gums are uncomfortable during teething, these major dietary errors

Every mother wants her baby to have neat and beautiful teeth. What should the mothers pay attention to when the baby starts to teeth? In particular, what do you pay attention to in terms of diet? During the baby's teething period, mothers should pay attention to these misunderstandings.

Give your baby a variety of supplements

There are many such mothers in life, always worried that when the baby grows up, they will not be able to keep up with the nutrition, so they change the law every day to supplement the baby. Eat this today, and eat that tomorrow. When the baby has teeth, especially when some babies have teeth later, the mothers will not be calm, they will think about whether the baby is lacking calcium, so they start to make special supplements, and some mothers will also get it. Come to various so-called "health products", but I don't know that many of the baby's problems may be caused by the mother's overzeal.

Give your baby too much sugar and other snacks

Little babies have almost no resistance to sugar. Once babies come in contact with sugar and taste the sweetness of them, they will never forget and ask adults to eat sugar from time to time. Some babies will cry when they can't eat sugar. Sometimes, when the elderly at home can't see the baby crying, they will give the baby sugar without a bottom line. This is actually necessary. Excessive sugar consumption can be said to be the most harmful to the teeth. During the baby's teething period, mothers should pay more attention to not let the baby eat too much sugar. Biscuits, potato chips and other snacks can't let the baby eat too much, of course, it is best to not eat.

Give your baby food that is too hard

Some mothers think that their babies are about to have teeth, and they will definitely have itchy gums or other discomfort, so they think of buying a baby grinder or eating hard food. Especially in the diet, mothers may reduce the baby’s consumption of paste-like foods and replace them with harder ones. In fact, this approach is also unreasonable. Although hard food can help the baby to relieve the itching of the gums properly, it can ignore the baby's digestive ability and give the food, which may cause the baby to be indigestible or nutritionally unbalanced. During the baby's teething period, mothers can give the baby hard food, but pay attention to the baby's digestion and absorption.

The teething period is just a stage in the growth of the baby. Under normal circumstances, as long as the baby's nutrition can keep up, the mothers don't have to worry too much, and the diet does not need to be too different from the normal days.

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