Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Baby's fontanelle closed too early, hindering baby's intellectual development and affecting IQ

We know that the newborn baby has a fontanelle on top of it. When the baby breathes, the fontanelle jumps and jumps. The fontanelle of the baby is the position where the skull is not closed yet. It is closest to the baby's brain, so be careful.

Baby's fontanelle is divided into anterior fontanelle and posterior fontanelle. Relatively speaking, the posterior fontanelle closes earlier and the anterior fontanelle closes later, but generally speaking, the baby's fontanelle closes when it is about one to one and a half years old, of course Some babies are not fully closed until about two years old.

When Xiaoyan's son was born, Xiaoyan began to supplement his son with various nutrients and various trace elements, especially calcium. As a result, his son was over 6 months old and very fat, about the same size as a child over one year old. Little words are extremely proud. However, as the baby gradually grew, Xiaoyan found that although his son was fatter and heavier than his peers, his son’s reaction was half a beat slower than that of his peers. He felt his son’s IQ was weak, and Xiaoyan worried Affecting the development of his son, he took his son to the hospital for examination.

After examination, the doctor found that the baby's fontanelle closed faster than children of the same age, almost completely closed, and the calcium content of the baby's body exceeded the standard, affecting the baby's intellectual development and affecting IQ.

Is the baby's fontanelle closed early?

On this issue, most people think that the fontanelle closes early, indicating that the baby is well nourished and the baby is developing well, but in fact, the closure of the fontanelle is not good for the baby.

Baby fontanelle closure will affect the baby's brain development and affect the baby's intelligence and IQ. The fontanelle of the baby appeared closed 6 months ago, indicating that the baby may have microcephaly or the baby's brain is underdeveloped, affecting the baby's intelligence and IQ.

Is the baby's fontanelle closed late?

In fact, the fontanelle of the baby is not completely closed after the baby is 2 years old, which means that it is a little late. Rickets, hydrocephalus, cramps and excessive growth may cause the baby to close the fontanelle late. Parents should pay attention, not too much Too careless.

As a parent, you should pay more attention to your baby. Don’t blindly add calcium to your child. Excessive calcium will hinder the normal development of your baby, so parents should pay more attention to the baby’s development and growth. Don’t be too careless!

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