Saturday, July 4, 2020

Babies under one year old should eat eggs like this, otherwise it will hurt the baby

Eggs are very popular among families because of their rich protein, egg flower soup, boiled eggs, fried eggs, steamed egg custard and other practices are dazzling. But are the eggs that our adults can accept really suitable for babies? What are the benefits of eating eggs? Can the baby's fragile digestive system stand it? Don't worry, and listen to the editor in detail.

1. The benefits of eating eggs for babies

A is conducive to the development of the baby's brain

As we all know, eggs are rich in lecithin, cholesterol and triglycerides, which can help the baby's nervous system development and promote physical development.

Bprotect the liver

Studies have shown that every 100 grams of eggs contains 13 grams of protein, which also contains the eight amino acids necessary for the human body. These proteins have a positive effect on the liver, and certain ingredients can promote liver cell regeneration.

C enhances the body's immune function

Eating eggs can increase the body's plasma protein content. The plasma protein has a powerful transport function and can be used as one of the antibody components. Therefore, eating eggs directly improves the body's immunity and enhances the baby's metabolic function.

D Prevent cancer

Vitamin B2 and trace elements contained in eggs have anti-cancer effects, which is probably why most elderly people who have the habit of eating one egg a day have longer life than others!

Since there are so many benefits of eating eggs, why wouldn’t my mother let her baby eat eggs? It turned out that although eggs are good, when you give them to younger babies, due to their own physique, they need to pay attention to a lot of things, don't blindly eat eggs for supplemental nutrition!

What are these considerations?

l Can't give your baby raw eggs

Some parents prefer to eat puxin eggs, or have heard that puxin eggs have higher nutritional value, so they think it is better to eat them like this. In fact, this approach is not correct. Don't eat raw eggs with babies. Otherwise, it is easy to cause babies to suffer from diseases caused by salmonella, and parents will be too late to regret it.

l Pay attention to the amount of eggs for babies

At six months, the baby's digestive system is not perfect, and the digestive ability is very poor. Eating too many eggs is a great burden on the baby's stomach. It is recommended to grasp the amount of 1/4 egg yolk when giving the baby the first time, then slowly increase to 1 egg yolk, and gradually increase to a complete egg after one year old.

l Do not eat protein before one year old

As mentioned above, the baby's gastrointestinal function is not yet fully developed, and some substances in the egg white may stimulate the baby and cause allergies. There may be some controversy about this time. Some people think that egg whites can be eaten after half a year, but for the safety of children, the editor recommends that this time be postponed to one year.

l Babies with fever symptoms should not eat eggs

After eating eggs, the baby needs to digest the eggs by increasing metabolism. In addition, the egg yolk contains a lot of energy, which will increase the baby's body heat. Not only can the baby not have a fever, but it will aggravate the fever symptoms, parents must pay attention!

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