Thursday, July 9, 2020

Attention to postpartum sex life: how long can the child be in the same room after giving birth

How long to have a child can be in the same room is a problem that many new parents want to pay attention to. It is important to know that post-partum women are relatively weak and it takes a while to return to normal, so you must pay more attention to rearing up. Today, I will discuss with you about post-natal sex life. Time and taboo matters.

1. How long can a child live in the same room after giving birth

How long you can live sexually after giving birth is determined by the way the woman is giving birth (shun birth or caesarean section), postpartum recovery, etc.

Appropriate room time: normal delivery is 2 months postpartum, cesarean section is 3 months postpartum, and depends on the specific physical recovery of the mother. After giving birth to a child, it is not advisable to share the room early. At least one month of rest time is required, which is 42 days of the puerperium. This period is the endometrial repair period.

About 42 days after delivery, the uterus can be restored to the size it was before pregnancy, and the endometrium of the placenta attachment site can be completely repaired. After the puerperium, if the maternal body does not have any abnormalities, it can theoretically be in the same room, but it is best to go to the hospital for an examination to understand the recovery of the uterus and body.

How long can the child be in the same room after birth? Medical research suggests that it is best to be in the same room after 3 months after caesarean section. Because caesarean section has a scalpel, the same room must wait until the wound of the caesarean section is healed. If the room is too early, it is easy to operate the scar. Injury can cause great harm to the mother.

2. Taboos of postpartum sex life

1. Have sex prematurely

How long can I have sex after delivery? The mothers who give birth can't be in the same room after 2 months, and the mothers who have a cesarean section can't be in the same room earlier than 3 months, because the cesarean section has surgical wounds, and the wound recovery will naturally take more time.

2. The same room movement is too intense

Regardless of whether it is a cesarean section or a caesarean section, the movements during the postpartum AA can not be too intense. Excessive movements may cause a wife's vaginal laceration and cause bleeding. To remind mothers of caesarean section that the wound and the area around the wound may feel numb for months or even a year after caesarean section. If the numb area is touched, she will feel uncomfortable, and the wife should inform her husband to reduce the contact with this position. However, the sensation in this area will gradually recover over time.

3. Failure to do well in contraception

Postpartum contraception is more important than ever, so during the same room, you must pay attention to contraception. If you are pregnant unexpectedly during the postpartum recovery period, because the uterus has not been completely repaired, this will cause great damage to the uterus.

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