Tuesday, July 7, 2020

At what age is the girl's first menstrual period?

What is the normal age for girls to have menstruation?

For girls with normal development, the first period of menstruation is between 12 and 16 years old. 16 years old is a little late but it is normal. There are some girls who will not have their first menstruation until 18 years old. This is Girls who are late in development, if they are over 18 years of age, are considered stunted.

So what is the harm of early menstruation?

If menstruation under the age of 12 to early menstruation is a bad physiological symptom, it has a great impact on the growth and development of the child. For example: a girl is 150cm tall when she is 9 years old, but her parents’ height is average The height of the girl’s development is too fast, which also heralds the arrival of the girl’s first menstruation, so the girl’s height may have been fixed, and it may develop laterally during development.

Reason: Children with precocious puberty have bone cells that divide, but the body's nutrition can't keep up, can't support the speed of bone cell division, and sex hormones promote the epiphyseal cartilage to close prematurely, then the child's height growth will slow down, or stop growing .

What are the disadvantages of having menstruation late?

If you do not have menstruation at the age of 18, it is late menstruation. This is a very bad physiological phenomenon, usually caused by poor reproductive system development, causing menstruation late may be caused by abnormalities in private parts, which is also late development A phenomenon in which menstruating children who are late for menstruation are two to three years older than normal children, and may have symptoms such as atresia of the cervix or privacy.

What causes the child to develop prematurely?

1. Attention to diet: Do not let children eat foods containing hormones or fried foods;

2. Do not let children drink some functional drinks, which contain irritating substances;

3. When you eat chicken, you must buy live chicken. If you find that the chicken will not stand up and is very fat, 80% can be determined to be grown by hormones, then don't buy it for your children;

4. Don't let your child eat some junk food, it will not be listed one by one;

For children with precocious puberty, parents should pay attention not to ignore the health of the child on the pretext of earning money. It is how to support the family without money, but this is not an excuse to ignore the health of the child. Whether the child can develop healthily depends on the parent How to let children eat, sleep and exercise.

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