Wednesday, July 1, 2020

At all stages of pregnancy, remember these sleeping positions, good for you and the fetus

The experience during pregnancy should be a stage of life that every mother will not forget. Some pregnant mothers during pregnancy are too excited or anxious because they think about their baby, which leads to emotional instability, and there are physiological comparisons during pregnancy. Violent and very uncomfortable, compared with common morning sickness reaction. Every pregnant mother must be very distressed. In fact, if you can pay attention to these few details when sleeping during pregnancy, it is not only good for pregnant mothers, but also good for the fetus.

1. Sleeping position

When it comes to sleeping, the issue of sleeping position is mentioned. Pregnant mothers still have a small life in their bodies. They are worried about the oppression of the fetus. They are very strict with their sleeping positions. Previously, people have always thought that it is best to sleep on the left side, and it will not oppress the fetus. . However, different stages of pregnancy require different sleeping positions. Now, with scientific verification, pregnant mothers still have to choose their most comfortable posture during sleep in the first trimester, but pay attention to turning over frequently.

In mid-pregnancy, it is recommended to lie on your side or on your back. You can turn over properly with the help of your family. Do not move too violently when turning over. It is best to sleep on the left side in late pregnancy. At this time, you can also turn over to relieve the stiffness caused by a posture. Therefore, you must follow certain standards when sleeping at a critical time, which is not only good for you, but also better for your baby.

Second, adjust your mood

Many pregnant mothers have reported that they are always insomnia at night and cannot sleep, and do not know how to improve their sleep quality more effectively. It is very effective to achieve these few details.

1. milk

Pregnant mothers can’t sleep at night may be related to the daytime diet. You can eat fruits, bread and biscuits properly for an hour or two before going to bed, but don’t eat too much. Drinking a glass of hot milk is perfect. . Not only can you not be too full before going to bed at night, but the same is true during the day. Don't let yourself be hungry because she wants to have a good figure.

2. Take a bath

The shower can relax people's mood properly, and has a certain hypnotic effect. By letting her husband apply heat and massage to his legs, the pregnant mother not only completely relaxes her body and mind, but her husband's help can also effectively relieve leg cramps. There is also more harmony between families.

3. pillow

Even if you can’t sleep at night, it has a lot to do with pillows. Before going to bed at night, you can add some pillows to the appropriate amount on the original basis, which is conducive to improving the original sleeping condition. Pillows can also be placed, the pillow placement can effectively support excessive load on some parts of the body during pregnancy.

4. Yoga exercise

Proper exercise during the day, walking is possible, and now there are yoga exercises for pregnant women, which is not only conducive to fitness, but also can improve the quality of sleep of pregnant women to a certain extent, is conducive to smooth birth during production. The above exercises are recommended for pregnant mothers to exercise properly during the day, but between three to four hours before bedtime, pregnant mothers should still avoid excessive exercise, otherwise it will cause brain and body excitement, leading to pregnant mothers Can't sleep anymore.

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