Sunday, July 5, 2020

As soon as these kinds of situations occur, expectant mothers don’t hesitate to choose a caesarean section.

When expectant mothers are about to give birth, they must have thought about whether they will give birth naturally or choose caesarean section to avoid pain. For some expectant mothers, this question is a good decision, but for expectant mothers who have the following conditions before labor or during childbirth, do not hesitate to choose a caesarean section directly.

Caesarean section in the short term

This situation usually occurs in expectant mothers who give birth to a second child. Generally, when pregnant with a second child, the doctor will recommend that the mother whose first child is a caesarean section get pregnant after two to three years to ensure that the body's knife edge can be fully recovered . If the interval between the first mother's Caesarean section and the second mother is too short, the scars formed by the knife on the body during labor will become a doctor's concern.

Because during normal delivery, the uterus contracts regularly and continuously pulls the uterine muscle fibers. In this process, it is easy to rupture the place where the scar is located or damage the endometrium of the uterine scar, causing the uterus The occurrence of rupture.

There are situations where the labor is too long or difficult to deliver

When there is a long labor process or dystocia, it has been explained that during the delivery process, the fetus in the abdomen will be more or less, and some conditions will occur.

Therefore, when the following situations occur, in order to ensure you and your child, the mother should consider choosing a cesarean section.

1. An abnormal fetal position is found before labor or during delivery, which causes the fetus to be unable to deliver through the birth canal.

2. In the prenatal inspection, it is found that the head basin is not balanced. The size of the fetal head and the birth canal are not suitable, and it is difficult for the fetus to be born by natural delivery.

Older parturient

The safety factor of older women themselves is lower than that of women of appropriate age during pregnancy or childbirth. Due to physical factors, older pregnant women have a greater chance of developing pregnancy complications or pregnancy complications during pregnancy. These Symptoms are a great threat during maternal delivery, so when older women give birth, don't think that natural delivery is smarter or stronger than a caesarean child, which is dangerous for yourself and your children.

In some cases, such as umbilical cord prolapse and severe hypoxia in the womb, the doctor will immediately arrange a caesarean section for the pregnant woman. In this regard, the pregnant woman and the pregnant family should understand it, and do not hesitate or object.

Caesarean section is a medical method that breaks the laws of nature. Although recovery is slower than normal birth, it can save some small lives that were not safe before. Therefore, the choice of caesarean section should be decisive.

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