Thursday, July 9, 2020

Also love a clean car environment, simple moisture-proof tips

First, pay attention to the interior drying

Many of the seats, cushions, carpets, etc. in the car are cotton and linen products, which are easily affected by moisture and mildew. They should be checked frequently, dried in time, and kept dry. At present, many ways to clean the foot pads of car washes are washed with the machine and then dried. Before the water is completely dry, they are put back on the car. It is best for the owner to dry the foot pads completely.

To clean the seat of the velvet cloth, use a long-hair brush and a strong suction vacuum cleaner to clean the dust, then spray the surface of the seat with clean foam, and then wash it with a brush. Finally, dry the remaining foam with a wringed towel, and then open the doors and windows to dry the seat.

2. Regular rearrangement

Many car owners like to pile some car washing tools and debris in the car trunk, which is easy to make the car trunk become a "heavy disaster area" where bacteria breed, especially where the spare tire is placed, it is easier to hide dirt and accumulate The water vapor easily flows to the grooved spare tire. If it is not used for a long time, the sheet metal and tire changing tools in this part will rust and eventually spread to the entire chassis. Therefore, the rear compartment needs to be cleaned regularly, and it is best not to pile unnecessary debris. To prevent moisture, a small dehumidification box can also be placed in the trunk.

3. Keep the circuit equipment dry

The circuit may cause a short circuit when it encounters water. After driving on rainy days, especially after wading, even if the engine is running normally, the circuit equipment should be dried in time in the repair station. For example, after the circuit is blown dry or wiped dry, start preheating again. In addition, it is important to check the brake system. Due to the strong absorption force of the brake system, rainwater easily enters the brake fluid, which affects the braking effect.

In addition, car stereos are also very afraid of moisture. When washing the car by yourself, close the door tightly. Do not spray the water with a spray can or liquid such as detergent on the speaker. Use a wrung towel to wipe off the dust. After cleaning the cab, it is best to open the window for a period of time and try to evaporate the moisture in the car before closing the window.

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