Thursday, July 9, 2020

Air quality affects health, clean air-conditioning in the car

Common sense of automobile air conditioning cleaning

Cars need to be cleaned once every six months. The new car should also be cleaned for the first time half a year later. Many car owners do not know that car air conditioning needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Ventilation in the car is mainly accomplished by opening windows and air conditioning systems. Dust and exhaust on the road will pollute the air in the car. The automobile air-conditioning system is composed of an evaporation tank, an expansion valve, a compressor, a blower, a condenser, a drying tank and a pipeline. Due to the humid environment of the evaporator and the ventilation ducts and the dust on the surface provide a breeding ground for mold and fungi, the mold and fungi will quickly multiply into mold and fungus clusters, resulting in organisms rot odor, these odors will follow the air conditioning When it is opened, it is mixed with cold air and pollutes the entire interior of the car. Harmful bacteria are blown out of the air conditioner and are inhaled into the human body in the closed small space inside the car, causing various symptoms such as "car air conditioning disease" and harming the human body. Healthy, over time will also affect the cooling function of the air conditioner.

In fact, the owner can also clean the car air conditioner by himself. There are two main processes for cleaning the car air conditioner yourself:

1. Clean the air filter.

When the owner's friend cleans himself, he must first find the location of the filter. The filter placement of each model is different. Some air filters are installed under the storage box in the front of the co-cab. Remove the storage box to find it; some air filters are located in the engine Under the cover, the front cab corresponds to the lower side of the wiper. Owners can check with the 4S shop where the air-conditioning filter in the car is placed and how to disassemble it. The air filter is actually a filter screen, and it does not stick to other car parts. As long as it is gently pulled out, the air filter can be taken out for cleaning. The strength of the hand should be even when installing.

Automobile air conditioners are commonly used in summer, and the filter of the air conditioner can be taken out for washing every other month. Generally use water or foam cleaner to clean. If the owner parks the car under a tree, there may often be oil from the tree infiltrating into it, and sometimes leaves are mixed with leaves. At this time, the owner will clean the air-conditioning duct every half month to remove stains such as leaves. If some car owners often run on the construction site, etc., the filter screen will usually have a lot of dust and sand particles, and the car owners will often have to clean the air conditioner to ensure the health and normal use of the air conditioning system.

2. Clean the air conditioner evaporation tank.

The first step is to spray the foamy evaporator cleaning agent into the air conditioning drain pipe. It takes about five or six minutes to spray all of it, and it takes half an hour to completely digest the air conditioning pipe. The location of the car drain pipe depends on the model, some are directly under the car compartment, and some are under the engine. If you can't find the drain pipe, you can start the car air conditioner to see where there is dripping water from the air conditioner under the car. This is the outlet of the drain pipe. Do not start the vehicle or turn on the air conditioner when spraying detergent.

The second step is to sterilize and sterilize the air conditioner. Spray the air conditioner bactericide into the blower of the car air conditioner. After spraying, the vehicle should be started normally for 15 minutes to disinfect the air conditioner.

When the car owner performs DIY cleaning to remove dust and bacteria from the air-conditioning pipeline of the car, open the air-conditioning pipeline opening, and you will see the blower is located here. After squeezing the air-conditioning cleaning agent, there is suction to suck the cleaning agent into the air-conditioning pipeline for cleaning. Owners should pay special attention to the sprinkler irrigation pipe of the air conditioner cleaning agent when using the air conditioner cleaning agent to clean the pipeline. Do not get too close, because it can easily be stirred in by the blower. They had discovered that a car owner had brought the pipeline too close and was cracked by the blower.

In addition, the owner only needs to squeeze a little cleaning agent from the outside, and it is not appropriate to spray too much, otherwise the system will be too humid, so the motor may burn out, affecting the operation of the entire blower.

Three, matters needing attention

The filter cotton of the air conditioner should not be washed with water. Like the filter used in the home air conditioner, most cars will be equipped with an air intake filter on the external air inlet. When the external circulation of the air conditioner is started, air is drawn in from the outside of the car, and is blown out from the air outlet in the car after heating or cooling. A large amount of dust is accumulated in the air duct of the automobile air conditioner, and it is humid and warm, and bacteria are prone to multiply. When passing through the evaporator, water vapor in the air will condense to form water droplets. Under normal circumstances, water will flow to the bottom of the air-conditioning heating device shell, scrub off the dust attached to it, and be discharged to the outside of the car through the duct. If the car is often driven in a place with a lot of dust, the impurities and dust in the air cannot be completely washed away by the water on the evaporator blades, and slowly accumulate on the evaporator blades, becoming a hotbed for mold growth. If you don't pay attention to cleaning, there will be a musty smell in the car when you turn on the air conditioner. At this time, it is necessary to clean the air duct of the air conditioning system, the hot water tank, the air conditioner evaporator and the air intake filter device to eliminate the source of pollution and ensure the clean air in the vehicle. But it controls the air quality and guards the health door. "

The filter element of the air conditioner is very easy to get a lot of dust. Use a high-pressure air gun or the like to blow off the floating dust. Never wash it with water, otherwise it will be easily scrapped. When cleaning the air filter element, the filter cotton is generally cleaned. Blow-drying should also be used for cleaning. The filter cotton cannot be washed directly with water. Owners usually park their cars in a dry place when parking, because sponges and other water-absorbent materials are easy to absorb water, and moisture can easily breed bacteria.

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