Friday, July 3, 2020

After pregnancy, the more diligent the mother is in these four things, the clearer the amniotic fluid will be!

Everyone knows that fetal babies live in amniotic fluid. So what is amniotic fluid? It is a liquid that exists in the amniotic cavity during the development of embryos and fetuses. The source, amount and composition of amniotic fluid vary with gestational age. Many mothers worry that their children will have trouble breathing in amniotic fluid? No, on the contrary, amniotic fluid can not only protect the fetus from external pressure, but also allow the fetal baby's body to write normally. However, if the amniotic fluid becomes cloudy, it will cause the baby's baby to breathe poorly, and even endanger the baby's life safety. Therefore, pregnant mothers must pay attention to these four things during pregnancy, which can make the amniotic fluid become clearer and the baby will be healthier.

1. Drink plenty of water

Water is the source of human life and an indispensable part of the human body. For normal people, to ensure the intake of eight glasses of water a day, let alone pregnant mothers. Therefore, when pregnant mothers become pregnant, they must develop a good habit of drinking water to ensure that the body has sufficient water. This will not only moisturize the gastrointestinal tract, make the digestive juices secrete enough, promote appetite, stimulate intestinal peristalsis, help regular defecation, prevent hemorrhoids, constipation, etc., but also facilitate the normal development of the fetus. Pregnant women often drink a small amount of water, which may cause a lack of water in the body and affect the maternal blood volume, thereby causing turbidity of amniotic fluid. Inhalation of debris by fetal babies may cause suffocation. We are not willing to see such results, so pregnant mothers must drink more water. By the way, drinking less tea and coffee during pregnancy will make your nerves excited and lack of sleep, which is harmful to pregnant mothers and fetal babies.

2. On-time pregnancy test

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers must be industrious, not to be on time due to physical inconvenience. Because the pregnancy test can directly reflect the health and growth of the baby. During the obstetric examination, the doctor will definitely check whether the baby's fetal position is not correct. If the fetal position is not correct, it will affect the delivery of the child to a great extent and endanger the life safety of mother and baby. What caused the fetal position to be incorrect? It is more common for a pregnant mother to have too much amniotic fluid, which causes the fetus to move more in the mother's uterine cavity, thereby affecting the fetal position. At this time, pregnant mothers should not worry too much, and ensure the quality and clarity of amniotic fluid according to the recommendations given by the doctor. For the health of babies, pregnant mothers must check their pregnancy on time.

3. Healthy eating

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers have strict requirements on their diet. Those things can't be eaten? How much intake should be guaranteed every day? All these need attention. And you can’t just eat those foods because of their high nutritional value and don’t eat other foods. Not only does this prevent the body from obtaining sufficient nutrients, it also affects the quality and quantity of amniotic fluid, making the amniotic fluid more turbid, which is not conducive to the normal development of the baby. If too little amniotic fluid is prepared for pregnant mothers to add high-quality protein foods, it is a very effective way to alleviate the negative effects of pregnant women with too little amniotic fluid. For the sake of babies, pregnant mothers must have a balanced diet and eat more fruits and vegetables to improve the quality and quantity of amniotic fluid.

Fourth, reasonable exercise

Exercise is one of the inseparable lifestyles of human beings. As a pregnant mother, you must learn to exercise reasonably. Because reasonable exercise can help mother recover her body quickly after birth, it can also promote blood circulation, speed up metabolism, eliminate toxins and harmful substances in the body, ensure the clarity of amniotic fluid, and make the living environment of the fetus baby healthier and safer. Therefore, after eating dinner, pregnant mothers can walk and do yoga with their husbands to ease their mood.

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