Tuesday, July 7, 2020

After the baby falls head down, how should parents give first aid?

Many babies almost have the experience of falling from the bed or the sofa on the chair. Due to the carelessness of the parents, the baby can easily fall from a height, and the babies cannot yet understand where is the dangerous place and what is the dangerous thing; even We can’t guarantee that the older children are always safe, so if such an unexpected situation occurs, how should parents do the first-aid treatment of the baby falling behind?

We all know the importance of the head to the human body and are also vulnerable to dangerous parts, so it is particularly dangerous if the baby's head is injured. If the baby falls down, first of all, our parents should keep calm, I know that most parents may be in a state of fear of panic at this time. But the safety of the baby is more important, isn't it? Things have happened, and the most important thing now is to minimize the damage to the baby. So you must force yourself to calm down at this time.

First of all, don’t hug your baby quickly, don’t coax your baby, don’t cry, and rub your falling head. This is definitely not allowed. If there is no serious trauma or other abnormal conditions, slowly pick up the baby. Then check the baby's injury, observe whether the baby is crying, vomiting, coma and other symptoms, check whether the baby is conscious, check whether the baby's head is injured, bleeding or swelling. If there is swelling in the injured part of the baby, apply the ice pack to the injured part immediately to relieve the baby's pain, and generally apply it for about 20 minutes to reduce the swelling. It must not rub the baby's head and hold the baby in his arms and let the baby sleep. This is a very dangerous behavior. Apply ice as soon as possible to the injured and swollen area of ​​your baby. If the baby is unconscious at this time, sleeplessness, continuous vomiting, wound rupture, massive bleeding, etc. need to be sent to the hospital immediately. It should be noted that when the baby vomits, call an ambulance immediately and lay the baby's face to the side to avoid vomit blocking the trachea. There are also some first-aid treatment methods. If the baby's head, hands or feet are bleeding, use sterile gauze to gently press the wound until the bleeding stops. Apply some hemostatic, anti-inflammatory external medicine, or bandage the wound. If the baby is too young or the wound is bleeding, there are dirty things on the wound, you should take it to the hospital immediately after hemostasis.

It is important to note that some children have no abnormalities at the beginning after falling their heads, and they may just be a little red and swollen. Behavior, then it is very likely to miss the optimal treatment time. Therefore, parents should carefully observe the baby 24 hours after falling to the head. If the baby appears to drool suddenly, such as eyes, or nausea and vomiting, then they must choose to be sent to the hospital immediately.

To sum up, I have synthesized the practices described above into simple and memorable words.

1. Observe the baby before deciding whether to hold the baby

2. Parents need to be calm before trying to appease the baby's emotions

3. If there is a bruise, clean the wound with sterile cotton balls or medical gauze

4. Carefully observe whether the baby is abnormal

5. Don't rub your head but choose ice

6. Don't use medicine indiscriminately

7. Let your baby rest on the pillow

8. Sleepiness after a head injury is an internal problem of the skull

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