Saturday, July 4, 2020

After the amniotic fluid is prematurely broken, you need to know these 2 first aid knowledge

Today I will tell you what is the premature rupture of amniotic fluid and what causes it? How to care for amniotic fluid premature rupture?

Let's talk about what is premature rupture of amniotic fluid?

Premature rupture of amniotic fluid: even if the uterus does not contract in any regular manner, and there is no redness in the hidden parts, the phenomenon of premature rupture of amniotic fluid occurs, that is, the fetal membrane ruptures before the expected date of birth. Inexperienced mothers will think that they are urine.

What are the causes of premature rupture of amniotic fluid?

1. The pregnant mother's cervix relaxes, which is caused by irritation of the membrane

2. Fetal membrane dysplasia, caused by high pressure in the amniotic cavity;

3. Polyhydramnios, multiple pregnancy, pelvic stenosis, etc. can also cause;

What will cause premature rupture of amniotic fluid in life?

1. Severe cough and great joy

The severe coughing of pregnant mothers, or overjoyed and sorrowful, will increase the pressure of the abdominal cavity amniotic membrane, and the pressure of the amniotic cavity will cause the amnion to rupture.

2. Go out often

In order to prevent the depression of pregnant mothers, or to relieve the pressure of pregnant mothers, pregnant mothers will ask girlfriends and friends to go shopping, but pregnant mothers should pay attention to maintaining a posture for a long time in the car will increase the pressure on the abdominal cavity, which will also cause early amniotic fluid. For the chance of breaking, pregnant mothers can choose some places close to home when shopping, so as to avoid the chance of premature breaking of amniotic fluid.

3. Late pregnancy

When the pregnant mother is checking, the doctor will tell the pregnant mother that the time in the same room, especially in the third trimester, do not share the room at this time. The same room in the third trimester will stimulate the uterine contractions, which will increase the chance of premature rupture of amniotic fluid. Not born at full term, has a certain impact on the body, pregnant mothers must pay attention to this point.

4. Driving

Some pregnant mothers have a strong personality, like to do their own things, plus they will drive when they go out, they drive and buy things by themselves, pregnant mothers who don’t know to drive do not find out, their reaction ability after pregnancy is slow, every time After driving, I feel very tired. I don’t want pregnant mothers to drive. Another thing is to wear a seat belt. The seat belt will strangle the stomach. If you encounter a sudden brake, it will cause increased abdominal pressure. Tension will increase the chance of premature rupture of amniotic fluid, so pregnant mothers should not drive frequently.

What harm does premature amniotic fluid break?

(1) The premature baby is born prematurely, the premature baby has low immunity, low resistance and is easy to get sick;

(2) Hypoxia due to delayed labor, excessive amniotic fluid flowing out, the uterus will shrink, it will be close to the fetus, and then cause irregular contractions, it will cause difficulty breathing for the baby;

(3) It will cause infection, premature rupture of amniotic fluid will increase intrauterine infection;

How to care for amniotic fluid premature rupture?

(1) Don't panic, lie down, raise your hips to prevent umbilical cord prolapse;

(2) Call emergency services, or drive to the hospital with your family. Regardless of whether it is due for delivery or regular contractions, you should seek medical treatment, do not wait at home.

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