Thursday, July 9, 2020

Adult sexual life posture recommendation to help you improve the quality of sex

I believe that many people will learn more sexual postures and experiences through adult sex life videos. Sex life is an important point to help improve the relationship between husband and wife. Today I will share more adult sexual postures with you to help you improve the quality of sexual life. .

First, adult sexual life posture recommendation

Windmill style: Ladies and men lie on the side in the same direction. The lady sits down with her feet between the men and stretches her arms backwards for support. The legs of the man surround the waist of the woman, grasp the woman's thigh and swing gently.

Rowing style: the man lies on the chair with his feet slightly stretched, the woman sits on top of the man, flexes his knees facing the man, and his feet open toward the man's chest to support it.

Starfish style: The man sits on the ground with his hands supporting his body from behind and his feet straight. The woman sits between the man's thigh, his back to the man, bends his knees, spreads his feet, and the feet are on the ground.

Sitting cross-legged: The man sits cross-legged, the woman faces the man, sits in the middle of the man, the legs slightly envelop the buttocks of the man, grasp each other's arms or back, move back and forth, and accelerate when approaching the orgasm.

Standing type: The woman stands against the wall, slightly separating her legs to face the man. The man lifts the woman's legs behind the man's buttocks, lifts the woman's body, and then twists.

Angelic: The man lies on his back with his hands on both sides and his feet straight. The woman faces the man, sits across the man, and bends her knees.

Back-facing: The man lies down with his feet straight and a pillow under his head. The woman sits across the man's body, facing the man's legs, and palms on the ground for support.

Side-strike type: On the pillow lying on the side of the woman, the man kneels behind the woman's buttocks, leans forward on the upper body, and separates the feet of the woman with the knee.

Push table style: The man leans on the chair, his feet spread out comfortably, and the feet are on the ground. The lady sat across the middle of the man, her hands stretched out to touch his desk, and her feet were suspended in the air.

Watching adult sex videos is actually one of the ways to help couples improve their sex skills, but many videos are too pursuit of excitement, but they are not necessarily suitable for each couple to improve their own sex quality, so it is best for everyone to learn adult sex poses. You can choose the one that suits you best and communicate more between the couple, so that the relationship can be further heated.

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