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Adult sex education common sense that women must know

There are some people who love the human body to see the human body, and they love to watch pornographic movies. Is this normal? Is this considered adult sex education? Can I learn about sex by watching adult films? You should know common sense about adult sex education.

1. Can I learn sex knowledge by watching adult movies?

Some people like to watch erotic films, like adult films. But adult films are not a good teacher of sex. Although they can open the door to sex, adult films over-exaggerate the proportion of sex in normal life and distort the relationship between men and women. It seems that the essence of life lies in climax.

2. Adult sex education common sense that women must know

1. Pleasing yourself is as important as pleasing the other person

Sometimes women try their best to meet the needs of the other party because they are afraid that the other party will not be satisfied. But sex is actually the giving and receiving of both parties. If you blindly satisfy each other, women will eventually hate "that stuff."

Women should explain their needs straightforwardly to each other, without feeling guilty or embarrassed, because in fact, men like women who can enjoy sex. When a man finds that his actions can bring happiness to women, it excites him more than any aphrodisiac.

2. Don't pretend sex

In order to please men, some women can pretend to have an orgasm very realistically, making it impossible for men to distinguish. But when they did this, they didn't think of the long-term consequences: if they didn't feel happy but pretended to orgasm, it would undoubtedly make the man repeat his wrong actions next time, because he mistakenly thought that way would make women happy.

A woman once had this experience: her partner rubbed her pussy vigorously, trying to get her to orgasm, but it made her very painful. She was embarrassed to tell him that his way was too rude, so she pretended to reach an orgasm to stop him. Unexpectedly, he would rub her in this rude way every time, making her more and more painful, and finally she couldn't bear it, so she had to tell him the truth. This shocked the man, and the woman was very remorseful. It would be nice if she explained it at first.

3. Don't ignore other parts of the man's body

Usually, men seem to be able to enter directly without any foreplay and enjoy it. In fact, this is their own misunderstanding. Touching and teasing can make men excited, because when women do, they are saying how much they like his body.

Some women are shy and dare not act, but there is absolutely no man who dislikes women doing this, so just do it boldly, and you will get visible results immediately. Stroking and teasing are very simple, as long as you keep sliding your fingers across his body, especially the inner thighs and nipples; sometimes touching his lower part as teasing. In addition, women can also use hair, tongue and eyelashes to increase the provocative effect.

4. Don't be afraid of sexual fantasies

A woman admitted: Every time she had sex with her husband, she imagined making love to Leonardo. This kind of imagination made her extremely excited, and her husband was also happy because of her wild actions. She thought it didn't matter, she couldn't really have an affair with Matt Damon anyway.

Sexual fantasies are healthy because not only is it a great motivation, but what happens in the fantasies does not have to be true at all. For example, if a heterosexual man fantasizes about a lesbian scene, it does not mean that he is a gay man; if a woman imagines having sex with a man other than her husband, it does not mean that she wants to have an affair. Sexual fantasies just show that this person has a rich imagination, and it can indeed stimulate intercourse.

5. Learn to masturbate

Since the first S semen of men usually comes from masturbation, the proportion of women doing this is definitely not low.

In fact, masturbation is a very effective way of learning, because after you understand your body, you can guide the other party to use the most appropriate way when you have sex with your partner. There is another benefit of masturbation: it will definitely reach orgasm.

6. Don't stay the same

If you have sex in exactly the same way every night, even if you reach climax every time, you will still become dull in the end. This is because there is no expectation.

Take a woman's personal experience: as long as she is on top, rubbing the male genitals with her hips in circles, she can reach orgasm. Therefore, they adopt this position every time they have sex, reach a climax and end in a hurry, and they are not satisfied at all. In fact, it's the old saying: The slower you get to the mouth, the more delicious it is. In other words, the slower you reach the climax, the stronger the pleasure.

When taking the most stimulating posture, once you reach the level enough to bring about the excitement, don't wait until the orgasm comes, you should change to another posture. This is not only used to delay the arrival of the orgasm, but also to take the opportunity to discover the fun of other postures.

7. Understand each other's body

We know that everyone is different, and loving the human body and seeing the human body is also reflected in the skills of both sexes. If women have had sex with other men before, they sometimes apply the previous methods to their current partners, which is inappropriate. So, how do you know what the other person likes? This depends on careful observation.

Of course, some people will automatically groan or yell to express their preferences, but many people may belong to the type of silence. At this time, you can listen to whether his breathing accelerates or takes a breath; whether his pupils suddenly dilate; his jaw is loose Collapse; the most obvious is the hardening of the penis. It doesn't take long to observe in this way, and he can match his preferences seamlessly.

8. Love your body

Nine out of ten modern women think they are overweight. When meeting naked, this type of self-deprecating view sometimes prevents the two from enjoying their due pleasure.

For example, a person who thinks that his chest is too small may feel inferior when his partner touches his chest, and will subconsciously avoid his hand or guide him to pay attention to other places. Over time, such signals can disturb the partner and affect the sexual relationship. A woman trained herself to think this way: Although her breasts are small, men are happy to sleep with her, which proves that they don't think there is any problem with her breasts. In this way, she no longer resisted her male partner touching her breasts.

9. Make good use of auxiliary equipment

Either sex products or S sex videos are good tools to increase the fun of intercourse, because they can provide many new ideas and increase excitement. For some people, sex products can even solve the problem of incoordination.

There was a woman who had difficulty in achieving orgasm. After her partner withdrew, she had to achieve orgasm by herself with her hands, which embarrassed her partner. Later, she bought a cushion that was covered with particles on the surface and had a hole in the middle for the yin J to penetrate, and placed it in the pubic area. In this way, every time the partner inserts, the cushion will rub against her genitals, bringing her Fun that has never been tasted. You can buy such things by mail order on TV or on the Internet to avoid unnecessary embarrassment.

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