Thursday, July 9, 2020

About sex life: do women have hymens?

The first girls in the series are all falling in love, and the women have confirmed their chastity. However, in the contemporary life of sex, many people have a big misunderstanding about the junior girl, which has caused emotional problems and family disputes. Today, from the perspective of a doctor, everyone will have a sense of the junior girl's sexual life. Understand again.

About sex

1. The hymen is broken

There is a thin film in the vagina that breaks the hymen, but it is not so much a film. I think it is a combination of the hoof and the nervous system. Usually it looks like a ring, which is the area where merchandise is circulating. The shape of the hole is also divided into sizes. During the whole process of the sex or strong fitness exercise, the hymen will crack when it is broken.

2. Do ladies often have broken hymens?

It is not a complete situation to see love and love in the series. If there is no redness at the time of the first relationship, don’t be surprised. It is most likely that the hymen was accidentally broken, such as fitness exercise, These are sanitary napkins, and some women originally said that there was no broken hymen.

Therefore, most of the ladies did not bleed at the time of love. Even if it bleeds, it will be divided into the necessities and fine night mixed together so that the tone is not presented.

Why do most of the virgin complexes in ancient TV dramas refer to the use of falling red to prove the chastity of women? I think men and women in ancient times were already married at the time of puberty, because male reproductive organs are more sensitive, So it will bleed.

3. Is it necessary to repair the broken hymen?

Regardless of the purpose of the woman’s purpose of repairing the hymen, whether or not the details of the broken hymen does not indicate whether the woman has a spouse’s life, so it’s of no practical significance to do repair surgery. However, from a basic theory point of view, it is possible to carry out continuous repairs, but it is only based on the difficulty coefficient of surgical treatment based on the shape of the broken hymen.

But at this stage, everyone's concept of sex is also very open to the outside world. I firmly believe that many people who have a basic grasp of medicine, or boys who love you but not your film, don't care about this. If you don’t care, you can break up peacefully. The lady can’t prove that the hymen is broken.

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