Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A woman who has a baby is not just an adventure, but the key is to pit the child in these aspects

Now, due to the pressure of life and the influence of personal thoughts, more and more women choose older children. In this case, it seems that after a few years of chic days, there is a rich economic foundation, but there are actually many potential crises. Because of the older baby, most women's physical conditions are not as good as they were in their twenties. The baby will take a great risk, and the key is to pit the child in these aspects.

Older pregnancy, women suffer, children's physique will be weak

As we all know, women get very sick when they are pregnant. A friend of mine, late marriage and late childbirth, the first child is pregnant with high blood pressure, and the body is severely swollen, because the body is weak, does not support the fetus, and also maintain the fetus for more than a month. Compared to women who have children at the best age for conceiving, she is really suffering. Moreover, after her daughter was born, her physique was particularly weak, and she fell ill every time. She now regrets not marrying and having children at the right age, and now she takes care of her frail children every day, which is really exhausting.

Women get pregnant at a very old age, and really suffer throughout pregnancy. The key is to have a risk in having a baby. Therefore, for the sake of their own health and the health of their children, women should not be too self-willed. They must give birth to their children before becoming an elderly woman.

The age gap between each other is large, children are prone to lack of love, and also have an impact on psychology

My neighbor is also an old baby, to be precise. When her boss was 16 years old, she ventured into pregnancy and gave birth to a second daughter. She said: "That experience is really a nine-death life, but the child is too old to miss me. I always think I am older than the other classmates' moms, the classmates laughed at her mom like grandma."

Like this situation, many older families with second births may encounter it. It is too late to give birth to a second child. Not only are the two children's age difference between each other, but the age difference between the second child and his parents is greater, so that the child is prone to lack love. Because they may feel that there is a generation gap with their parents. After all, a woman can be a child's mother at an age when she can be a child's grandmother, and may not be as good as a young mother in education. In addition, children are often laughed at by people around them because of the huge age gap with their parents. Therefore, advise women who want older children to think about their age and whether they can take care of their children’s growth and mental health.

The child is old, the parents are old, the child's life pressure is great

Due to the age of the baby, the age gap between parents and children is large. When the children are older, the parents will be older. If your child is in high school or college, parents retire at home or because of illness, it will cause a lot of pressure on the child's life. Unless the parents of older children have sufficient economic foundation, they can afford their own pension and medical expenses. Otherwise, prematurely bringing so much life pressure to the young children will really pit the children.

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