Saturday, July 4, 2020

A pregnant mother who has this hobby after pregnancy will affect fetal development

Some expectant mothers cannot get rid of their hobbies before pregnancy even after they are pregnant. Just like the taste of eating, when pregnant, for the sake of children, the general taste is relatively light, which makes some expectant mothers who are "spicy and unhappy" before pregnancy a little uncomfortable, and they can’t adapt to their diet for a while. Such a big change.

But even if these expectant mothers still can't change their spicy taste after pregnancy, for the sake of children, they still need to have snacks and make some changes.

Why is it bad to eat a lot of spicy food during pregnancy?

1. Pepper contains substances that numb nerves. After a large amount of intake by pregnant mothers, these substances may cause some effects on the fetus's nerves and affect normal development.

2. It will aggravate the symptoms of constipation during pregnancy. With the increase in pregnancy, the fetus in the abdomen will continue to grow, and it will gradually start to oppress the rectum. In addition, due to the inconvenience of movement, the amount of exercise will decrease, which will become more and more obvious. Ingesting large amounts of chili will only make the situation worse.

3. In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, chili is a hot and spicy substance. Eating too much can easily increase the internal heat. Expectant mothers will have increased blood pressure, hemorrhoids and some symptoms of fever.

What are the benefits of eating spicy properly

Seeing that there might be some expectant mothers here, what should mothers in traditional spicy areas do? It makes it impossible for them to give up chilli.

In fact, eating spicy in moderation is good for expectant mothers during pregnancy.

Can reduce the incidence of gestational diabetes

A team conducted a survey of expectant mothers who often eat hot peppers in the "spicy holy land" of Chongqing and found that the incidence of gestational diabetes has decreased in expectant mothers in this area because they eat hot peppers. The natural capsaicin in chili can increase the level of insulin in the body, so that the body has an inhibitory effect on the absorption of sugar, which plays a role in improving sugar metabolism and lowering blood sugar.

What should expectant mothers who are "no spicy or unhappy" do?

But even so, expectant mothers who are "no spicy or unhappy" still have to make some changes. After all, eating spicy without control is not conducive to their own health and the healthy development of the fetus.

You can’t eat too much pepper or eat it indiscriminately. In pregnancy, the overall diet should still be light. Pepper is one of the seasonings. When you want to eat it, you can not feel numbness in the mouth. Eat some to adjust the taste.

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