Thursday, July 9, 2020

9 principles of gender relations

People who don’t know the gender skills often don’t know how to get along with the opposite sex, or they don’t have any opposite sex friends at all, because they can’t grasp well. Share 9 very practical gender tips, take a look at it if you are interested.

1. The 9 Principles of Gender Relations

1. Men and women can still be good friends, as long as both conditions are met, 1. Both are ugly and 2. Both are poor.

2. Love is built on the relationship of “uncertainty”. This “uncertainty” makes the couple uneasy, and even ceases the anxiety with all kinds of mountain alliance pledges, but the day when the anxiety finally disappeared, love Also missing.

3. Men always think that they should take the initiative in the relationship between the sexes. In fact, the initiative is always the woman. If a woman likes you, you are right to do anything. If she doesn't like you, you talk sweetly, she thinks you are a liar, you make an appointment, she says you are a rogue.

4. Men's love for women should be long flowing, especially if they are too unusable at the beginning, otherwise they will spoil the woman and she will not be able to endure the blandness that will come. Then she will hate you and you will hate her.

5. Three ways to restrain yourself from contacting each other after breaking up. 1) Set a small goal every day, only restrain yourself for 24 hours, and then start again after 24 hours, slowly increase the amount. 2) I firmly believe that there is a possibility of reconciliation between you, but it takes a while to calm down and adapt slowly. 3) Random eggs.

6. How to grasp the timing of marriage? If you don’t have sex with TA and don’t bother you, then you can get married. Please note that it is possible, not necessary.

7. The marriage and love of the bottom men basically depend on cheating. After cheating the woman, they must endure the woman's sarcasm, complain and even humiliation. Unbearable, take the initiative to divorce. If you can bear it, bear with it.

8. People who are really suitable for marriage are usually stable in all aspects, but stability and boredom are for twin brothers. If you want stability, you have to endure boredom. Many people can’t do this, making them wandering for a long time. the edge of.

9. It is generally a misunderstanding that men can separate sex and love. For men, sex is love. To be specific, if a man wants to have sexual relations with a woman more than twice, it is love.

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